Personal statement






Dear sir/madam

This letter is inresponse to the request to make a personal statement regarding my GPAin reference to my application for the Assurance Core Intern Summer2015 position. My GPA score of 3.38 falls slightly below the cut-offof 3.5. Nonetheless, it is this score that qualified me for anundergraduate degree program in accounting at Emor University where Iexpect to graduate later next year with improved performance.

My GPA score so fardoes not fully represent who I am in terms of resilience, dedication,commitment, team spirit, leadership, creativity and keen eye fordetails. To achieve what I have achieved so far, I have paid byblood, sweat and tears. The experiences have made me a better personwho can overcome many challenges and be a team player in theworkplace. One such challenges that I have had to overcome is beingin the US alone in pursuit of a better future away from my familywith no financial support and having to deal with the culture shock. To support myself and pay for my community college education, I hadto work part time given that my destitute family with an incarcerateddad did not have the means to. Such a situation weighed heavily on meemotionally and was even further complicated by losing my closestcousin during last semester’s exams which greatly affected myacademics.

Through suchexperiences I have learnt to be resilient, to always strive forexcellence and to be a team player who supports others. In myacademics and in my short experience in the workplace, I havewitnessed and learned to value team work and the need for going theextra mile in order to excel. I have also interacted with people fromdiverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds and learnt how to respecttheir diversity and understand how different cultures possessdifferent worldviews. I firmly believe that such experiences,resilience, attributes, and personality are imperative in theworkplace and fit well with the said position and what PWC standsfor.

I am willing toprovide a further proof in person or reference to substantiate mypersona, capabilities and my suitability to the said position.

Sincerely yours