Philosophy Homework






Maldivesare at danger if the oceans rise. The conclusion stresses the thesisstatement and gives it a sense of completeness. When the water levelsrise beyond certain levels, some of the little islands may submerge.


PatrickHenry gave an immortal speech Give Me Liberty during a meeting inVirginia in the House of Burgesses. The meeting was held on March 23,1775 in Virginia, United States. Henry`s arguments were for thedependency to deploy and formulate military action against Britain.The desired consequence was successful.


  1. Employees should follow the established rules and policies in the organization.

  2. Human beings have an obligation to look after the environment.

  3. The government should reduce expenditures during depression.

  4. Shamu is a mammal

  5. The United States predicted a terrorist attack.

  6. Karen expects her son for Christmas.


  1. There is evidence that Abner Doubleday did not invent baseball (premise)

  2. He made no mention of it in his many letters and papers (premise)

  3. He would have mentioned the sport if he had invented it (sub-conclusion)

  4. Bud Selig believes that Doubleday did invent the game (sub-conclusion)

  5. Bud Selig is an idiot (conclusion)


Yesand no. Maher is not a credible authority on the words of JohnAdams. We have little reason to think that an entertainer like Maherwould quote Adams correctly. So we shouldn’t accept his evidencebut we also shouldn’t hold him to too high a standard.


Thedifference between vague and ambiguity is a case of whether the wordsanalyzed have more than one meaning and whether they are distinct orunited. Thus, ambiguous coincide to separation while vague to unityof different meanings.

a)Middle class (vague) – It can be classified in different classesbased on occupation, education among other variables.

b)Odd number (vague) – There is unity in all the numbers because theyare not divisible by two.

c)Gold (Ambiguous) – It can refer to the yellow precious metal or alustrous yellow color.

d)Bank (Ambiguous) – It has two meaning. There are a financialinstitution and the river edge.

e)Opportunity (Vague) – It refers to circumstances that make itpossible to achieve something

f)Socialist (Ambiguous) – Means a person who practices socialism oradhering to certain rules.

g)Credit (Ambiguous) – Means obtaining goods and paying for them lateror adding money to an account


Karen`sargument is an equivocation. It is because she uses an ambiguouslanguage in order to hide the truth. Her argument suggests that shewould like her son to come for Christmas and nothing else. She triesto hide what she expects when the sons comes.


Moreopportunities should be established so as to improve the economicactivity of the United States. It leads to a stronger financialstrength and stability of corporations. In the second video, Buffetcriticizes the argument saying that the introduction of corporatetaxes in the United States is not strengthening competitors.