Plays as Films







The premiseof this play is that love blinds people. The reason for the premiseis that the film starts with families and altar boys. Sister Aloysiustries to show her love through her caring personality when she takescare of sister Veronica. (Haag and Cole 1980).


Expositionis where the script introduces everything: the characters, relevantinformation, the setting, place, time, and the problem.


An incitingincident refers to a critical plot component in a fiction work, wherean event strikes the main characters, and their lives change fromnormal to adjust to the plot of the story. It could be as easy thefirst encounter with someone and witness a murder.

Theinciting incident in the above play is when Aloysius has a privatedialogue with James and then the subsequent belief by father Flynnthat it is fine to have long nails as long as they are clean.


It is aninciting incident because their encounter changed their lives toadapt the plot story. Similarly, it is upon the encounter of fatherFlynn and the boys and Aloysius that the story streams.


When Donaldrealizes in the course of the mass that father Flynn was behavingsuspiciously, and the subsequent private conversation between Jamesand Aloysius. However, the second private conversation between thetwo was more serious than the previous one. (Lavandier 2005).


Climax iswhen the plot takes a breath after keeping it suspense, it the mostemotional part of the play. The climax of this play is when therewere uncomfortable stare by one of the students when they were withfather Flynn having a meal.


It is aclimax because as it is the most emotional part of the play. Evenafter the rape, no one trusts Blanche.


The Fallingaction refers to when the action cools starts cooling down after theclimax. In this play, the falling action is when sister Veronica isinjured and there is a big storm as school day is over.


Theresolution is the end it is the final part of the play where theplot does the final wrapping. In this play, the resolution is whenfather Flynn is bidding goodbye to the smiling blonde, and sisterAloysius comforts and support sister James.


I wouldextend to show how they would all meet again at the same place withsuch joy of a reunion of the students and their lovely father Flynnand the sisters and brothers, it would be a complete family, full ofjoy and love (Trottier 1998).

Part 2

The film has most of the cinematic elements. There are realcharacters and every character fitting in the role. The film haselements such as exposition, where it introduced the audience to therelevant information in the play. The information included thesetting place, the problem, time, and the characters in the play.

On the element of inciting, the film shows the essential componentsof a fiction movie, and it is where the characters experience changefrom the standard so that they would adjust to the plot. For example,it happened when sister James had a private dialogue Aloysius and themoment when father Flynn made it clear that it is fine for one tohave long nails as long as they keep such nails clean all the time.


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