Poem about Dance


Poemabout Dance

JanetJackson`s “RhythmNation 1814”is a concept album intended to address social injustices in theAmerican society. Janet Jackson composed the album and released it in1989. The key themes incorporated in the dance and lyrics of the songinclude substance abuse, racism, and poverty. Jackson advocatestransforming the United States to a nation that with no geographiclimits but united common beliefs.

Thethemes in portrayed by the dance in the song relates to the theme inthe poem: “IKnow Why The Caged Bird Sings”by Maya Angelou. The poem compares the activities of free and cagedbird. The free bird flies as far as it wishes until it attains itslimit. On the other hand, a caged bird strives to see the groundbelow its cage or fly even move a distance from its confineunsuccessfully. The angry and determined bird attempts to breakthrough the cage bars, but it only injures its wings such that it hasto stop the struggle. However, the caged bird attempts to break outof the cage once more after its wings heal. Despite that all thebreakout attempts fail, the bird sings a song expressing its optimismof achieving success in the future.

The“Caged bird” term in the title is a metaphor that the poet usesto refer to herself. She is caged by sexism, abuse, racism, poverty,and insecurity that prevent her from achieving her dreams in life.She does not have the opportunity to explore her potential to themaximum as the other majority. Fortunately, she is determined toclaim her position in the society despite the drawbacks sheexperiences when attempting to claim her position in the society.

Couldthe same themes have inspired Janet Jackson’s 1989 concept albumtitled “Rhythm Nation 1814” that also advocated a nation that wasnot divided along ethnic and geographical margins? The response is acandid yes since both Maya and Jackson are advocating a nation thatshared vision, united by beliefs, and does not use color creed todefine capability of people.