Policy Analysis



TheEngland’s company slaughtering 70,000 baby ostriches claims that itwill stop if it gets enough complaints. This means that the companyfollows some ethics necessary in businesses and day to day life. Someethics require a company to balance the interests of the communityand the business. An ethical company should be sensitive to thecommunity and take their interests into consideration (Bateman &ampSnell, 2007).

Everycommunity has its values that may disregard some companies’activities. In such cases, it is only wise to take into considerationthe values of the community for the success of a company. A businessthat is insensitive to the values and the needs of communities end upfailing in the long run. The perception that communities hold about abusiness may greatly influence its success or failure. A company thatwishes to prosper in business must be sensitive to the desires of thecommunity having in mind that communities have a great influence onthe success of a business.

Therefore,the idea that the company in England is willing to stop slaughteringostrich upon receiving complaints is legitimate. It cannot continueto operate in a manner that is offensive to the community. Forwhatever reasons the complaints are about, it is prudent for thecompany to stop the practices that do not comply with societal needs.On the hand, if the complaints about the company are based onenvironmental factors, the company may choose to compensate throughsocial responsibility. All in all, it has to comply with the valuesof a community for it to prosper. This is the reason why it confirmedthat if it gets enough complaints, it will stop slaughtering ostrichchicks.


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