Political Socialization


Politicalsocialization refers to a lifelong process through which peopledevelop and form various ideas on politics as well as acquire certainpolitical values. The chief factors that immensely influence an inindividual’s political views include mass media, peer groups,family, and education system (Volkomer 2). Family and school play akey role in determining a person’s politic views in early lifewhile peer influence and mass media contents have enormous influenceon such a person’s political attitudes when he or she is an adult.

Politicalsocialization influence the stability of public opinion in anenormous manner since it help people acquire and learn ways ofexpressing their own views on politics. Internet plays a significantrole in political socialization. For instance, it has created anopportunity for all-news outlets to have their own web sites (Niemi &ampSobieszek 217). Again, through Internet has enabled various onlinebloggers to present a wide range of political analysis, information,and opinion.

Theinternet will influence the stability of public opinion by providinga forum for the average citizen to air out their opinion on variouspolitical issues (Owen 639). It also has a high likelihood ofavailing several news sources to such citizens while at the same timelowering barriers to publication as well as encouraging the growthand development of political reporters.

Mystrong political belief in the principles of the AmericanConstitution and the Bills of Rights has been influenced by thehistory of American’s Brilliant Founding Fathers. They fought tooverthrow and prevent their nation from becoming a tyranny. Indeed,the principle of constitution prevents that prevent parties frombecoming extremely powerful and corrupt.

Myearliest political socialization experiences involved studying andpaying immense attention to the current issues and events of the day.As a result, I learnt to pay more attention to activities carried outby politicians rather than their talks and endless speech. Inconnection to this, I have and will always support politicians whoseactions closely align with my own values.


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