Political Typology Quiz


PoliticalTypology Quiz


The“Pew Typology Quiz” tests personal ideologies through examiningindividual attitude on government performance, business management,environment protection, personal efficacy, and foreign and privacypolicy. According to the test, my political typology is “Faith andFamily Left (Ff)”. The political class is characterized withindividuals that advocate activist government and they upholdconformist attitudes towards several social issues. However, theirbeliefs in various issues are varied, thus making them the “majorityminority”. The group members maintain that the government shouldadd the assistance offered to the poor despite that it increases thebudget deficit. In addition, religion is significant to the Ff group.It is against legalizing marijuana and same-sex. Lastly, the groupalso believe should be more involved in addressing national issues(, 2014).

Iagree with the typology I was assigned by the quiz because I amagainst legalization of homosexuality. I also believe that thegovernment is a key player in achieving international peace throughpromoting diplomatic laws and using military power in curbinginsurgencies that may attempt to oppress citizens. Besides, religionis an epicenter in my life because my faith has shaped my morals. Forexample, I am against legalizing Marijuana because my faith advocatesthat my body is “Holy Temple that I should keep pure”. Thegovernment should also offer financial assistance to the poor in theform of education and medical grants, business start-up loans, andfree investment education to empower them to venture into business(, 2014).

TheNational Association of Social Workers (NASW) code of ethics is anexisting guideline that controls employee behaviors in workenvironment. The objective of the guidelines is ensuring thatemployees maintain high professional conduct at the work environment.The support Faith and Family Typology Left is compliant with the NASWethics. For example, it advocates social diversity such as peoplefrom different races, views, and beliefs towards national issues. Thegroup also campaigns for respect for everyone in the society,including the poor through endorsing the government to providefinancial backup, education, and special opportunities to theunderprivileged person in the society (,2014). For example, Ff class proves its preamble and social diversitythrough proposing that the government should provide education,business capital, and medical grants to people who cannot afford theservices.


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