Porcini`s Pronto “Great Italian cuisine without the wait!”

Porcini`sPronto: &quotGreat Italian cuisine without the wait!&quot

Porcini`sPronto: &quotGreat Italian cuisine without the wait!&quot

Porcini’sinc. is a chain of restaurants situated near shopping malls anddowntown locale in northeastern United States. Porcini has repute foroffering excellent services to their clients and concentrates onhigh-end Italian cuisine made from fresh products. The company isplanning to launch a new line of restaurants targeting low endmarket, limited menu restaurants under the banner Porcini Pronto.These new restaurants are set to be situated along high-trafficinterstate highway exits in the same area to serve unique Italiancuisine at affordable prices to locals and travelers (Andrew, n.d).Concern over poor customer service is this new restaurants is a majorconcern for the management. As a manager bestowed with thisresponsibility of choosing from the options that the company hasincluding franchise or operating company owned outlets, there are afew things that will need to be considered.

Theoption to franchise is or syndicate is options available to themanagement. They allow the company to quickly expand. However, thisstands to bring about the risk of losing control of the Porcinibrand. The franchises may not be able to keep up to standards ofPorcini, which may negatively affect the brand. The management musttherefore stick with one option of building the new restaurants andrunning them on their own. This will help in maintaining the brandimage of Porcini. In addition, this is the only way that the companywill be able to keep up to its vision. The restaurant’s vision islimited choice of Porcini’s standard menu, reasonable prices, meetor surpass the company’s 6 percent hurdle rate, and notjeopardizing the good image for its food and high quality services(Andrew n.d). The company will also be able to expand in its ownpace.

Humanresource is an important aspect in any business. To achieve its lowend market restaurants and maintain its brand repute, Porcini mustinvest on training new recruits to serve in the new restaurants. Theymust understand and appreciate Porcini’s organizational culture.This will place the company in a better position into entry into thelow end market without affecting the brand. Employees must also begiven opportunity to grow (Kotler,2012).Those who have shown consistency and hard work should be moved towork at different managerial posts in the new restaurants.

Afterputting everything in place, marketing managers must engage inintensive marketing campaigns. There is no point of introducing a newline of services without marketing. The marketing team shouldestablish the right channels of communication including print mediasuch as bill boards and newspapers local television, radio as wellas the internet (Kotler,2012).This will allow them to send a message across the large geographicalarea. The internet through the company’s website and social mediaplatforms are accessible beyond geographical borders, which willmarket the company’s new product.

Enteringinto a new market is not as simple as it appears. The management mustrecognize the potential risks of expansion into a low cost market.The competition of such product is quite high and the company musthave a risk strategic plan to mitigate any drawbacks. Ultimately,porcini’s new idea is lucrative and if the right decisions aremade, the company will grow spontaneously considering its currentposition.


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