Presenting Insights and Findings Written Reports


PresentingInsights and Findings: Written Reports


Thebullet bar graph above can be recommended in showing a comparison ofchanges in the average annual per capita income for Japan and UnitedStates from 1995 to 2010. The reason behind recommending this graphis because it compares different entities on the same variable. Theentities in this case are Japan and the United States and thevariable being compared is average annual per capita income. Besides,another reason for recommending this graph is because it can be in aposition to indicate the average annual per capita income of the twocountries over time.


Thisgraph can be recommended in showing the percentage composition ofaverage family expenditure patterns, by the major types ofexpenditures, for families whose heads are under age 35 compared withfamilies whose heads are 55 or older. This is because this graph isin a position to indicate the percentages, keeping in mind that thearea under the pie can be presented as a percentage. Besides, throughusing the graph, a clear comparison amid the families is feasible.Therefore, this graph can be recommended in representing thepercentage composition of the average family expenditure patterns.


Inshowing a comparison of the changes in charitable giving amidDecember 31, 2006 and December 2010, the following graph can berecommended

Thisline graph can be recommended because it can be capable of showingand comparing values over time, which is critical in showing thetrend. The chief purpose is to indicate the changes in the charitablegiving amid a certain time frame, which can be well presented by theline graph. Apart from showing the changes over the time frame, theline graph can also be in a position to show the trend over theperiod.


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