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TheSwimtember Challenge for the Promotion of Cardiovascular Health

TheAlfred Foundation and Swim Victoria have organized another SwimtemberChallenge for the year 2014. The challenge involves anyswimming-related activities whose objectives are determined byparticipating teams. The challenge will be held on September 6, 2014at Swimming Victoria. The primary objective of the SwimtemberChallenge 2014 is to increase the public awareness about the capacityof swimming to cardiovascular disease and raise funds to support theAlfred foundation.

TheAlfred is one of the oldest and internationally renowned hospitalslocated in Victoria, Australia. The Alfred’s cardiac rehabilitationprogram assists more than 300 patients with heart problems each year.Men form the largest proportion (70 %) of patients with heartproblems because of their reluctance to see the doctor until theproblem worsens compared to women who establish strongerrelationships with their general practitioners. Swimming is one ofthe physical exercises that reduce the chances of contracting heartproblems.

“Regularswimming tones muscles, helps to maintain healthy body weight andimproves cardiovascular fitness” WarkwickWaters, chief executive officer at Swimming Victoria.

“Manyof the issues affecting the health of Victorian men, includingcardiovascular or heart disease, are largely preventable swimming isone of the best ways to address cardiovascular or heart disease” DrMarco Bonollo, Health of the Alfred.

“Swimmingalso has mental health benefits because it is a relaxing form ofexercise that can alleviate stress” Dr Marco Bonollo, The Alfred.

TheAlfred Hospital has been active in promoting human health and nowintends to reinforce its cardiac disease prevention and treatmentprogram. The Alfred Foundation urges individuals and teams to takeaction in order to ensure that swimming becomes the norm in Victoriaand worldwide. contact us through the phone numbers 03 9686 5222 or 03 9076 3222or email addresses [email protected]or [email protected]for more information about the Swimtember Challenge and how to takepart.


P.O. Box 315,

PrahranVIC 3181,

Tel:+ 613 9076 2000

PartB: Rationale for the news media distribution

Thepress release will be distributed to the public through five majorcategories of media. First, a copy will be published in the localdaily newspapers, including the Green Left Weekly and Lloyd’s ListAustralia. The newspaper options will the Alfred an opportunity toaddress many people because newspapers have the broadest reach(Pleshette,2014, p. 1). Thiswill help the Alfred to attract more participants.

Secondly,the press release will be distributed through the local TV channels,including ABC Television and SHS HD. Television advertising combinesvisual, action, and audio to convey intended message (Gilani,2013, p. 1). Thiswill catch the attention of the audience, thus increases the chancesof attracting more people to the Swimtember challenge.

Thethird channel in which the press release will be distributed is thelocal magazines, such as the New Idea, Cosmopolitan, and Women’sHealth. Advertizing in magazine has two major benefits, including thecapacity to reach the target audience high quality of images and theprint, which makes the advert more appealing to the audience(Huebsch,2014, p. 1). Distributingthe press release through several magazines will help the Alfredreach all the target audience.

Fourth,the press release will be distributed through the local radiochannels, including 666 ABC Canberra and ABC Radio National. Radiosattract a big audience of local people who like keeping up withevents and news at the local level (Linton,2013, p. 1). Thisimplies that distributing the press release through the radioincrease the chances of attracting the local residents who are morelikely to participate in the challenge compared to people who livefar from the Alfred.

Lastly,the press release will be distributed through the digital media, suchas the Fairfax Media. The digital media will target the youths andthe elite members of the society who use the internet more often tokeep up with news at local and the international levels. This meansthat the advert will reach many people in different parts of theworld who might have an interest in making their donations.

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