Problem Prevention Plan


ProblemPrevention Plan

ProblemPrevention Plan

Theimportance of rules and regulations in any environment cannot begainsaid as far as maintaining sanity is concerned. This isespecially in the case of school environments where children ofdifferent backgrounds and mannerisms are bound to interact. This doesnot imply that adults do not need rules, rather the rules applicableto them are less visible or prominent than in the case of children.In the school environment used in this paper, the rules applicable tograde k-5 would have to be made by the teacher. As much as thestudents are expected to have some input in the rules, the teacherwould have to iron them out and make them applicable to the class.The applicable rules would include the following.

Alwaysbe punctual and silent in class. It is often distracting to havepupils getting in class once the lessons have already started. Notonly does it disrupt lessons but such behavior has the capacity toaffect the comprehension of the lessons by other students. This isthe same case for noise (Marzanoet al, 2003).Even in instances where the teacher is not around, it may bedifficult for other students to read or revise when they are in anoisy environment.

Alwaysraise your hands when you have a question and wait for the teacher topoint at you before speaking. This rule has everything to do withmaintaining order in class. As much as students may have questions oranswers, they need to only speak when allowed to (Marzanoet al, 2003).This is the only way that orderliness can be maintained in the class.

Alwaysbe polite when speaking to other students. It is easy for children tofeel intimidated when spoken in an offensive manner. In someinstances, fights may even break out. In essence, it is imperativethat every student is polite so as to maintain a conduciveenvironment (Marzanoet al, 2003).


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