Public Health Program


PublicHealth Program

TheAlabama Reach 2010 breast and cervical cancer collation is a publichealth organization that addresses the issue of cervical and breastcancer amongst women. In 2010, the organization conducted a publichealth program on cervical and breast cancer, which targeted AfricaAmerica women in Alabama. The public health program was initiatedafter realizing that Africa America women were lagging behind incervical and breast cancer screenings. This meant that they were morevulnerable to cancer as compared to their white women counterparts. As such, the plan addressed the barriers that obstruct AfricanAmerican women over 40 from receiving cancer and breast screenings.The organization worked with health professionals and volunteers toreach out groups whose main goals were to create awareness and offerscreenings on cervical and breast cancer. Two years after the planwas established, many African American women reported having Pap testand mammogram.

Ascoined out by Alfonsoet al(2008), it is essential to involve the necessary stakeholders andidentify the target. The public health program identified its targetas Africa America women in Alabama. It availed the necessary toolsfor mammography and Pap test in the eight counties. Issel (2014) alsonotes that evaluation can determine the effectiveness of a program.With regard to the health program of mammography and pap tests inAlabama, it was termed as successful because it helped greatly inreducing the gap between the white and black women. The involvedhealth practitioners recorded every test they conducted on blackwomen for the records. This was compared to previous records onmammogram and pap tests amongst black women. The program helped inreducing the gap between white and black women in Alabama up to 76percent thus, successful.


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