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June28, 2014.

Speech:Political Oppression

Fellowcitizens, today marks the commemoration honor to our departed heroesand heroines who gave their lives for the sake of our independence.It is also important to remember our departed brethren and sisterswho fought for the second liberation and expanded the democraticspace in the country. As we honor and remember them for the greatcontribution, they did to the country let us not forget the reasons,we are gathered here today.

Myfriends, as we witnessed in the last decade, various social, economicand political issues have inhibited the development of this country.There is increased corruption in the public sector, ever risinginsecurity, high inflation and political oppression. We have foughtearnestly for the betterment of this country we have struggled tomake a new constitution a reality and we must press on! I want todecry about the ever rising political intolerance by the government.Last week, four of our civil rights activists were violently beatenand killed as they protested against the rising insecurity,corruption and high inflation, fellow citizens this must not beaccepted and tolerated!

Thiscountry belongs to every citizen we all pay taxes in order to havebetter social services. Far from this, all issues must be addressedwith inclusiveness and equity as epitomized in the constitution. Theconstitution is clear on the rights and freedom of every individualin expressing their grievances. As Nelson Mandela once said,&quotThere is time in life when any nation has only two choicesremaining – to submit or fight. That time has now for our country!(Mandela, 1964). Wemust not waiver in the struggle against government intolerance. As wepurpose to positively engage this regime into action, I want toreiterate Martin K. Luther words on love and nonviolence, ‘wemust not take part in violence for the injustice meted, but show lovebased on hope and understanding that justice will prevail in future’(King Martin L., 1957).

Lastly,fellow citizens we must not give up, nothing comes easily and asPresident Obama once said, ‘Letus be the cause of change we want, we must make history’(Gill,2008) inmaking our country good for our children. Wemust be prepared to die for the future of this country. We cannotallow fear, intimidation and retrogressive government approaches toprevail. Let us resist tribal divisions because our greatest enemy ispoverty, corruption, insecurity and undemocratic governmentpractices. As such, we must rise above our petty differences andstruggle for the common good of this country. Thank You and God blessyou.



  • Problem Increased corruption in the country, insecurity, high inflation and political oppression

2.Persuading perspectives.

  • struggle for the new constitution

  • Rising political intolerance by the government

  • we all pay taxes in order to have better social services

  • There must be inclusiveness and equity in the distribution of resources

  • We must not waiver in the struggle against government intolerance

  • Let us not result to violence in reiteration but show love

  • Let us be the cause of change we want let us not allow fear, intimidation and retrogressive government approaches to prevail.

  • We must rise above our petty differences and struggle for the common good.


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