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2.The article concentrates on the roles being played by communityblogging in enhancing lives via communication. Modern technology hasenabled people within the community to share information that isgeared towards changing and improving their lives for better. Itfollows that the concept of having community-based journalism isplaying various roles that mainstream journalism being facilitated bythe leading media houses cannot be relied on to provide in a timelymanner.

Communityblogging has made the information easily accessible to the people ina convenience manner. According to Rich et al. (2010), individualonly needs to have a personal computer, or an internet enabled mobiledevice to access information regarding the occurrences in theimmediate local set-up. Blogging is helping to facilitate thewatchdog activities that are critical when it comes to keeping thelocal authorities and leaders accountable and responsible. Theblogger is always on the look out to inform and update the residentsof a particular community regarding (Brooks &amp Missouri Group,2013). There is increased engagement among the community members,which enables them to discuss issues of great concern to them thushelping to arrive at the desired solutions.

3.Print industry has changed in a number of ways due to theintroduction of the internet platform. Most of the newspaperjournalists have come up with websites and blogs that are helpingthem to pass on the news and information quickly. The internet hasallowed the journalists to combine the audio, video, and wordcomponents to pass on information to the audience (Brooks &ampMissouri Group, 2013). The exams of such platforms include thewebsites where the journalists convey the news in the three statedformats thus enhancing the rate of coverage. The print media used tobe susceptible to delays and its failure to capture breaking newsafter the printing and distribution has been done. The currentconvergence makes it possible for the journalists to keep on updatingthe websites and blogs each time thus capturing all the latest andbreaking news. The journalists have realized the need to come up withplatforms that ensure that the breaking and current news are availedto the target audience unlike the old order where the newspapers weresusceptible to delays. Brooks &amp Missouri Group (2013) argues thatwebsites and blogs have enabled the journalists to keep on updatingthe news as they come in from various sources thus keeping theaudience updated and informed on a continuous basis.

4.The internet has led to various platforms that allow people to accessnews in various formats. There is also much information regardingfake and real news. Some of the news covered and reported by theonline based journalists lacks credibility like a story covered byHong Kong newspaper in December 2013 regarding the story of NorthKorean leader executing his uncle by feeding him to dogs. That andother stories are fake thus the need for the journalists to undertakethorough research to ascertain the credibility of their sourcesbefore publishing various stories. Real news is those that are basedon facts and events that took place thus can be backed by sufficientevidence by the journalists. Fake news is those whose sources cannotbe verified by those journalists and media house who purport to haveobtained them for various reasons (Rich et al., 2010). Such news ismostly defamatory and injurious to the reputation of the individualsand institutions that may be painted negatively by the news inquestion. Real news reflects mature and informed journalism where thesources can easily be verified and ascertained in case of theeruption of controversies surrounding their origin. The internet hasbecome a platform where fake and real news are availed to the publicthus the need for the scrutiny of the origins and motives behind themto give room to credible news reaching the target audience.


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