1. It sounds like you’re feeling remorse – maybe you believe you exposed your father to ridicule […] And now that you’re becoming successful, you feel bad about proving your father wrong.- Maus II, chapter 2. Page 32

  2. You murdered me, Mommy, and you left me here to take the rap. –Maus I, Chapter 5, page 105

  3. No matter what he accomplishes, it does not seem much compared to what was achieved by those who survived at Auschwitz.- Maus II, chapter 1, page 16

  4. Art calls his father “murderer” for burning his mother’s diaries.- Maus I, chapter 6, page 161

  5. Art feels that his father is “unbearable, cheap and complaining all the time” –Maus I, page 26

  6. These notebooks, and other really nice things of your mother…one time I had a very bad day…and all of these things I destroyed.- Maus I, page 158

  7. You keep photos of her all around your desk – like a shrine. –Maus I, page 104

  8. [Vladek] loved showing off how handy he was… and proving that anything I did was all wrong. He made me completely neurotic about fixing stuff…One reason I became an artist was…it was an area where I wouldn`t have to compete with him. –Maus II, chapter 1, page 97

  9. It`s a shame to waste. I`ll pack and you can take it home with you.” However, Art responds, “The box is almost empty. Just leave it here”-Maus I, page 24