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Thearticle on cultural literacy talks about the stereotypes of Asians inAmerica, where they came from, and how to solve them. Typically,people hold certain believes about Asians that are not true. Theauthor of the article, who is an Asian, explains some of the thingshe had to go through because of the stereotypes. Americans believethat Asians are short, weak, noisy, hardworking, and are good inmath. The author of the article takes us through the journey ofstereotypes of Asians in America and his own experiences as an Asian(Trimmer, 2013).

Stereotypesbegan in the yellow peril when Asians began migrating into the UnitedStates in search for a better life. At that time, Americans framedAsians as dirty, poor, and dumb people who could not even speakEnglish well. They felt that this yellow race was uncivilized anduneducated. Some Americans still believe in these stereotypes andsome have landed in trouble because of them. There were two Americansthat were caught and charged for stereotyping Asians. One in theMcDonald who shouted at the Asians claiming that they were too noisy,and the other one who gave an Asian food with a knife edged eyes thatlooked down upon the Asian. Even universities are experiencing thesame thing. The author remembers once when university studentslaughed him off when he said he wanted to join soccer. There is alsoa case where a Chinese student reported a lecturer for discriminatinghim based on his poor grammar.

Itis true that stereotypes are common phenomena in America even inlearning institutions. Although they are hard to fight, it is theresponsibility of all to understand individuals for who they are andnot for where they come from. All races have diversity and it isimprudent to judge people based on race or skin color.


AmericanFood Culture: What is Eating America?

Foodrepresents various cultures across the world. Each culture has itsown type of food different from others. However, the food culture inAmerica has changed over time due to immigration and change inlifestyles. The American ancestors ate vegetables, grains, and fruitsthat they got from their farms however, people today have turned toeating processed foods. The trend of eating processed foods beganafter the Second World War when industrialization made people toobusy to farm or cook healthy foods (Kim, 2014).

Americanstrend of eating fast foods has drawn much attention because of thehealth problems involved. According to statistics, one third ofAmericans are overweight and 35% are obese. Overweight and obese aresaid to be a major cause of deaths in America. Fast and processedfoods are cheaper and easier to attain the reason why most Americanshave turned into them. However, what they fail to know is that theyare harming their bodies by eating high calorie values with lownutrition contents. It is worth noting that it is not too late tochange people’s eating habits.

Evidently,Americans are very busy people. However, this should not be a reasonto eat unhealthy food. Actually, preparing fresh healthy foods maynot consume much time as most people perceive. In any case, peopleclaim they are too busy to cook healthy foods forgetting that theymight be busy digging their graves as well. It is ironical thatpeople prefer to have money than good health. It is time for peopleto wake up and realize that what they eat is more important than theythink of.


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