Reading Responses


SunnyRiver Resort,



17thSeptember 2014.

SunnyRiver Business League,

P.OBox, X345XX,


DearMr. Charles James

Re:Lease of Hotel Premises

Thankyou for choosing Sunny River Resort as for use in your two-day staffmeeting. Indeed, it would be our pleasure and privilege to welcomeyou and provide exquisite services to you and your staff for theentire time of your visit. The management wishes to inform you thatthe business premises are leased for $1500 per day. This is indeed aspecial rate that is only offered to our most valued customers all inour effort to register our appreciation to them t=for providing uswith the opportunity to serve them.

A quick survey of the marketplace will indicate that the price is notonly legitimate but also very fair especially considering the qualityof facilities and services that are provided. Not only will the groupbe provided with free internet services but will also be offeredfoods and drinks at subsidized rates.

Onthe same note, the meeting rooms come with a dedicated team ofsupervisors who will oversee the proper execution of your even plan,not to mention being on hand with regard to any emerging issues,requirements and questions. This is complemented by the exquisitepublic address system that can be customized so as to service only aparticular or select group of people or exclude others. Needless tosay, the meeting room comes with fully customizable services so as toensure that the events are successful irrespective of the number ofpeople, catering requests or even the preferred style of seating. Allthese services are provided in an effort to provide value for yourmoney and to offer you an unforgettable experience in the resort.

Kinglymake any reservations at least two days before the event. Allenquiries may be made from our help desk.