Reflection on Research Writing



Reflectionon Research Writing

Researchwriting requires critical thinking about the thesis, and organizationof discussion using the sources to supply information about thetopic. One of the important aspects that I fully understood in theprocess of research writing is that, it should follow the propersteps to have a smooth flow of organizing the work. In addition, eachpart should also follow the proper guidelines in order to fulfilleach part’s objectives. There are certain steps in research writingthat I only understood its purpose when I did not follow theguidelines such as the preparation of the sources. After the researchwriting, I learned that critical thinking and proper understanding ofthe methods is the key in creating a better original research paper.

Useof Annotated Bibliography

Inthe process of research writing, finding the sources is the mosttime-consuming part but also the most important in formulating thethesis. Before you formulate your thesis, there should be enoughsources that could be used to support the thesis thus the sourcesshould be fully understood. In this case, the use of annotatedbibliography creates a full understanding about the topic which couldhelp me in preparing my thesis. It could also help in identifyingwhich sources should I use in each part of my research outline. Ingeneral, the annotated bibliography helped me in organizing mysources and tells me how I could use it in my research paper.


Thefirst challenging aspect of research writing is the critical thinkingdone to formulate the thesis statement. In this part, the originalityand citing the sources should be mixed in discussion. The secondchallenging aspect of research writing is the proper transitioning toconnect each parts of the discussion. I used the outline inseparating each part of my paper and I should use proper transitionsentences to connect it.


Inmy research paper, the journals consisting of the studies are themost significant in writing my work because it consists of thebackground about the topic as well as the methodology in formulatingthe conclusion about the topic. Journals are usually considered to beone of the most important sources in academic research paper becausethe topic is not only discussed but it is also analyzed. These arevalid in my research paper because the analysis could be used insupport of my topic.

Preparationfor Next Project

Forthe next research paper that I will make, I would follow the properguidelines in each steps of the process. I will also have to properlyorganize my thoughts in discussing each part of the process in orderto analyze how I would connect each part of the paper. As I said,proper organization of thoughts and time could help me create abetter research paper.


Inthe process of research paper writing, I learned some importantaspects such as the use of annotated bibliography, the purpose ofcritical thinking in formulating my thesis, and proper use of mysources in organizing the thoughts that I would discussed in my work.I also learned that there are sources that are more significant in mywork that would support my thesis. Lastly, I learned that themethodology of the research paper writing could be used in real lifesuch as critical thinking and organization of ideas.