Religion and Theology

Religionand Theology

Religionand Theology

Christianityis one of the mainstream religion in the world across differentcultural, geographical, economic, and political borders.

CentralIdea in Christian Thought

Therehave been two main basic ideas about Christian teaching. Humanreasoning and divine revelation are the two focal sources ofChristian thought. The order of priority for these two sources hasbrought about fundamental debate leading to disagreement andseparation among Christian, but both are the primary source ofChristian teaching1.Nevertheless, human reason seems to be the central idea behindChristian thought. Theory is like a guiding principle in Christianitynowadays. It all about understanding Christian faith its origin, itsmeaning and determine the most appropriate way Christian should livenowadays. Hence, theory is encouraged within Christian dominion andduring the same moment assist Christian to comprehend its nature andrelevance of human being existence. In this regard, theologycompletely utilizes tools of human reason2. In the early church, philosophy was one of the basic human reasontools. Christian human reason is also manifested in New Testament byPaul and Gospel of John author. These two are considered as the veryfirst famous Christian theologians. Devine revelation is found tohave a number of issues that has contributed to differentinterpretation of Bible. Such issues include scriptures are writtenby many individuals and different historical era. Implying thatauthors ideas could have been influenced by his background or currentsituation on the ground.

Mostimportant idea that Christianity inherited from Judaism

Apocalypticismis the main significant idea Christians inherited from Judaism. Itrefers to believing in the future conclusion of history. Theconfusion faced by people is, what will happen to those people whodie before the end?3Apocalyptic teachings stressed on dead body resurrection, so thatevery person could face the final verdict of God. Christians believein the resurrection of the body and the return of the Messiah.


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