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Gonorrhearefers to a contagious disease that is transmitted during sexualcontact (Michaud, 2010). According to the Centers for Disease Controland Prevention department of the United States, the overall rate ofthis condition has decreased drastically. However, this diseaseremains the second most-reported disease in the United States. TheCDC agency reported that more that 700,000 case are recorded annuallywith more than 10% being from people aged between 18 and 35 years arediagnosed with this disease but are not aware (M`ikanatha, 2009).

Gonorrheaaffects both genres and is easily spread by individuals havingnumerous sex partners. Gonorrhea infections occur 1 to 14 days aftersexual activity. However, at times an individual can be infected butshows no signs for this disease. Men are more apparent and are notlikely to identify the symptoms. Research shows that half of theinfected women may notice no symptoms of this condition (M`ikanatha,2009). There exist common symptoms of Gonorrhea in both men and womeninclude: burning sensation when urinating and irritation from theanus. In women, the virginal discharge develops a strong scent with ayellowish or greenish colour. Women also experience abdominal painsand at times feel nausea (Carlson et al., 2012). Men discharge awhite or yellowish in their penis and also experience an inflammationof testicles.

Gonorrheacan cause serious and long lasting health complications in both menand women if not treated at the right time. The chances of Janedeveloping infertility are very high as Gonorrhea causes PelvicInflammatory Diseases that affect pregnancy and infertility.Gonorrhea blocks the fallopian tubes and can lead to Ectopicpregnancies in women (Carlson et al., 2012). It is also spreadthrough contamination with bodily fluid that is infected and hence amother can transmit it to the baby during birth.

Thetreatment of Gonorrhea occurs after laboratory tests. Differentantibiotics are given to diagnose this condition. A patient canreceive a large dose, or smaller ones prescribed for seven days. Onthe same point, one can get injections or admit if severe cases ofPelvic Inflammatory Diseases (PID) are detected. Types of largesingle dose antibiotics include Cipro®XR 500 mg (Michaud, 2010).


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