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Thevoting process in Scotland has taken place, leaving Scottish peoplesnot independent. Barrack Obama wonders of how people envisage abouthim. Alibaba’s IPO price shoots from $66 to $68. The methodology ofreading slowly is imperative to brain and reduces stress. Lastly,sleep does not pay. Sleep less means more pay off.

Thearticles’ included are indispensable. There enlightens people’sminds businesswise. Also contains information about diversity anddemocracy.

Jeanne,W. (2014). ReadSlowly to Benefit Your Brain and Cut Stress.

Readinghelps to replenish our minds if it’s done slowly and consistencewithout interruption. It helps to cut stress since all effort isconcentrated in understanding the message. To helps in creativity andinnovation. This can be the benchmark of rising opportunity and thediscovery of paramount ideas.

Telis,D.&amp Matt,J. (2014). Alibaba`sIPO Priced at $68 a Share.

Thenews about underwriting of IPO’s of Alibaba helps potentialinvestors in observing the trend of the UK’s market of shares. Thiswill impact on CEO’s ability to make efficacious decision based onhis keen observation about the market trends.

WSJ,(2014). TheUnwisdom of Barack Obama.

Thepresident Barrack Obama passes over imperative information. It helpspeople to take another angle of how they see him and have their trustintact. The president tries to uphold his dignity even though peopledoubts in him. This information will impact to a CEO’s ability ofusing his wisdom to make decision.

Brett,A. (2014). AFull Night`s Sleep Can Really Pay Off—in Salary and Investments.

Successand failure it all depends on someone’s choice. This at the enddefines what pay off to get. People who are successful in terms ofinvestments and pay off sacrifices their precious time of sleeping inreturn. They utilizes their times in attending to inquiries of theirscustomers and responding to their emails and phone calls.This willenable any CEO to have as much information about their client andhelps him to make informed decision.

Jason,D.,Jenny,G. &amp Chiara, A.ScottishIndependence: Scotland to Stay in U.K.

Democracyis the key to judgment. Scottish people have shown reality of thisstatement by participating in voting. Democracy means acceptingpeople’s ideas and building firm foundation of decision making.Diversity in opinions will bring any CEO to a better conclusion.



From:industry CEO

19thSeptember, 2014


Ithas come to my attention that the lines of our expansion are not tothe effective of the performance of our industry. This is due to theresearch conducted from UK via recentfew articles.

Inaccordance to this, I am planning to hold a meeting which willembarks on the effectiveness of our performance via expansion of anyline of our business. This will be our long-term goals and willentail the following wisdom enhancement, time maximisation in termsof day and night keen observation, methodology of reading Democracy.

Formore information, I found it better to summarise some of fewarticles’ posted in “The wall street journal.”

Firstarticle, “Scotland Set to Stay in UK,”emphasises on the need ofdemocracy. People are given opportunity to vote for what they feel isto their fit. For example, Scottish people decided to vote for noindependency since they feel that is the best option.

Secondarticle, “The Unwisdom of Barrack Obama,” describe the reactionof American’s citizen to their president barrack Obama. Thepressure of uncertainty of the actions in the world has put it onfire leaving people on tension. The lack of image of the president tothe citizen only can replenish if and only if he exercises hiswisdom, and as a result, capturing back his dignity to the citizen.

Thirdarticle, “Read Slowly to Benefit Your Brain and Cut Stress”entail details of readers group. Their objective is to show themethodology of reading in order to get the content effectively andbenefits in return. To achieve these, focus on reading slowly andwithout perturbation. Furthermore, it enhances creativity andinnovativeness through generation of theoretical theory.

Fourtharticle, “Alibaba prices IPO at $68 a share,” looks down toexplain the imperative of keen observation. For instance, theinformation posted in this journal about Alibaba’s IPO’s sharewhich was underwritten at $68 per share. The shares rose from $66 to$68 per share and it shows how the share is shooting upwards. Thisinformation is useful for competitors and the traders in secondarymarket.

Fiftharticle “A Full Night`s Sleep Can Really Pay Off—in Salary andInvestments,” summarises the usefulness of time. It compared timemaximization with pay offs of any investment. It further explainsthat the most successful people take much of their time in attendingto their clients by responding to their: emails, phones calls, tweetset cetera.

Asa result, they sleep late at night and wakes up while still dark.

Inconclusion, if this action are taken and implemented with effectivemeasures, there is no reason for our targets to be more than 30%total expansion of our lines of businesses globally. If our clientsendorse the strategy in line with upholding professionalism, prudent,keenness and wisdom, it will lead to great future performance.

Thanksfor your honest cooperation and dedication to the project as we lookforward for its implication.





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