Research Assignment





Part1 Notes

Qualitativeresearch are developed to identify a target audience`s behaviors andthe comprehension that lead to specific issues. It involves studyinggroups of people that will help construct a hypothesis. Observationis a useful method that most researchers use. My summary is based onthe experience of 30 minutes period observation of the public. Myobservations on the dressing code showed that most of the peopledressed formally. Males were in suits and wore ties while the womenhad either skirt suits or worn officially. The age and social gradewas another observable feature. The youth had outfits that wereunique and of different styles. It was also easy to differentiate thesocial grades due to their unique styles. I also observed differentethnic groups that either walked or discussed together. In addition,I observed that most of the young people walked with opposite sexesacross the streets.

Part2 Notes

Participantobservation is a form of sociological research technique where theresearcher assumes the responsibility in the social circumstanceunder observation. As a participant observer, I was able to immersein the social setting under study and gathered more information onthe experiences of the events under study. I was able to establishwhy most of the different sexes walked together. I saw that most ofthem were students attending classes while the others were couples. Ialso observed that most of the groups belonged to same races andreligions. I found numerous groups of Muslim ladies walking in groupsof four to five people. In addition, most of the groups comprised ofstudents.

Part3 Notes

Inprivate setting, the researcher does not interfere with the data inthe study field instead he is at a distance and observes theoccurrences from a private environment. During private setting, I wasable to gather enough evidence on the behaviors of people and drewconclusions. I observed numerous differences between men and women.Most of the men and women dressed officially and seemed to be in ahurry. They were employees on official duties. On the other hand, theother groups were dressed casually and were just walking randomly inthe environment. There were also some observable differences amongthe youth. Most of them had bags, and it is my assumption that theywere students.

Part5 Notes

Duringparticipant observation, I gathered more information as compared toother forms of representation. I realized that most of the smartlydressed people were employees from different organizations. They werealso young adults from different ethnic groups. I had assumed thatmost of the people who walked together were couples, but I realizedthat most of them were students. The roles played by most of thepeople were either students or employees in different organizations. Participant observation differs from systematic observation. Theobserver participates in the events and activities being studied. IfI were to do a major research project, I would use participantobservation. This is because it provides a descriptive data unlikethe systematic observation that gives numeric information. On theother hand, due to the level of involvement, the observer at timesmay become bias.