Research Paper Peer Review


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Qn1.What did you like about the Research Paper?

Thewriter has vividly and succinctly exemplified the origin, work,progress, challenges and achievements of the GreenpeaceInternational. All the important facts and elements about theorganization are well articulated. The paper takes an objectiveoutlook of the subject matter and continually gives the reader moreand more information and knowledge about the subject in question. Theresearch paper has also offered unbiased information about Greenpeaceorganization.Qn2. What did you learn from the Research Paperthat you didn’t know or that you might apply to your own paper?

Ihave learnt the importance of a giving an accurate chronologicalaccount of the development of the subject matter. I have learnt therelevance of focusing on a specific subject in a research paper. Thishas enabled the writer to give a comprehensive and exhaustivediscussion about the subject in question, and at the same timeanswering research questions, and maintaining consistency inconveying crucial information.Qn3. What is the strength of theResearch Paper?

Allthe claims that the writer makes are backed by sound evidence andstrongly props the premise. The research paper has also providedrelevant examples to back the writer’s argument and discussionabout the subject matter.Qn4. What is one area that could beimproved in the Research Paper?

Ithink the writer could have offered a better introduction of thesubject matter so that the reader is able to know from the beginningwhat the paper is all about. In addition the writer could haveprovided research objectives, indicating what the paper sought toachieve, and what propelled the writer to conduct research aboutGreen peace Organization and not other organization. Internalcitation are not done appropriately especially in instances when thewriter highlights an important event that took place in a given date.Though the challenges, advantages and disadvantages of theorganization are indicated, it would be more appropriate to organizethem in an orderly manner.Qn5. Are there any other suggestionsyou would like to give this Research Paper?

Itis also important that the writer segments this research paper intodifferent parts so that all the important information on differentparts of the subjects matter can be articulate succinctly withoutmishap. It is crucial that the writer gives more attention to theparamount elements of the research and this can be achieved by makingan excellent work template or table of contents.