Responses to Job Ranking Factors


Responsesto Job Ranking Factors

Responsesto Job Ranking Factors

RankingFactor #1: “Knowledge of a wide range of professional nursingtheories, procedures and techniques used in the care and treatment ofpsychiatric and/or medically disabled patients”

Mynursing qualifications are not defined by my academic papers only,but a concrete knowledge of the nursing profession. With an extensiveunderstanding of the nursing theories and procedures, my skills inthe care and treatment of the medicallydisabled and psychiatry patients are up to speed with their needs. Ihave a deep understanding of the procedures that should be followedwhen treating these specific patients by taking into consideration oftheir physiological and psychological situation. By working at TheWashington Home and Community Hospice, Washington, DC as a NursingAssistant, I understood the practice and right steps of handling thepsychiatric patients. More importantly, I understand thephysiological implications of the clinical situations of the old andthe medically challenged. Therefore, I take consideration of thetechniques and methodologies of approaching them, explaining theirsituation and providing the appropriate information regarding theirsituation.

RankingFactor #2: “Knowledge of behavioral, psychological and sociologicaltheories, concepts, principles and practices as related to the careof psychiatric patients”

Witha diverse knowledge of the behavioral and psychological theories, Ihave excellent skills in dealing with psychiatric patients. Myunderstanding of the cognitive nature of these patients and theircognitive dissonance provides me with an advantage in understandingtheir situation and helping them to recover. The knowledge of theattribution theory and the application of observational learning helpme to understand the psychiatric patients in order to reflect theirneeds. Through the understanding of the influence of the environmenton their behavior, I have gained excellent skills in understandingtheir past experiences, handle their current situations and predicttheir future behavioral patterns. Moreover, the application of thesocial theories of social comparison, social exchange andsocial-emotional selectivity allows me to not only understand theirsocial perspectives but also apply the knowledge in relating withthem.

RankingFactor #3: “Knowledge of a broad range of medications, their risksand benefits, including normal dosage, administration, action andadverse reactions in order to administer medications correctly and torecognize and respond to emergency situations”

Myunderstanding of a diverse range of medical interventions in terms ofmedication and medical procedures is what advances my qualificationto handle patients effectively. Due to the importance of thisknowledge, I have committed myself to constantly advance myunderstanding of the risks associated with each and every medicationas well as the benefits that necessitates the use of thesemedications. I perfected these skills in my SeniorPracticum experience at VA Hospital in the Medical Surgical andTelemetry unit. Throughthe learning, I learnt to be keen to normal dosages of allmedications, the process of administering the medication and theexpected reactions. Therefore, I am aware of the actions to be takenin any eventuality and the steps to take whenever there are adversereactions in relation to the administration of the medication.Consequently, I am always able to recognize any emergency situationsthat arise and take the appropriate response to each situation.

RankingFactor #4: “Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and inwriting”

Withouthaving the ability to community effectively, there is little chancethat the knowledge and skills acquired over time can help a nursehandle patients. This is the realization that made me put extraemphasis on communication methods and communication strategies. Withthis emphasis throughout my learning and academic process, I haveacquired impeccable communication skills in oral and writtenlanguage. With the use of the oral communication skills, I am able tounderstand the patients, realize their needs and give them the rightinformation as it is appropriate to their situation. Bycreating a warm environment when into contact with patients I wasvery good at handling patients atNursing Unlimited Services Inc. asa HomeHealth Aide.My excellence in writing, communication allows me to be effective inmedication and prescription as well as in facilitating sharing ofinformation between health workers and the patients.