Legal Issues 3


Heroinis an illegal substance, not for use for any reasons whatsoever(Championetal.2012).This is because itis a dangerous and addictive drug, and it is in most cases laced upwith other substances very toxic, and the majority of the addicts donot comprehend what they are snorting. is a victim arrested andconvicted but argues that it is her only best friend, at all timesmakes her happy. The substance is known to affect the central nervoussystem of the body such as the brain and the spinal cord triggeringabnormal heart rate with consciousness loss and hallucinations.

Drugaddiction and trafficking is an offense against the law in almost allstates and may earn an offender who is caught to imprisonment and afine. Some are arrested in-house and rehabilitated for some timebefore being released. Statistics has it that in 2009, 1.7 millionpeople were in US prisons, jails, or on probation or parole for drugoffenses. The numbers have grown by 78.9% in the above categoriessince 1990.

as a victim deserves some mental screening before any sentence forany treatment to be administered to her. (Yücel&ampBrewer, 2007)States that it is important that incase of imprisonment, such an individual like be put into anine month parole in effort to minimize recidivism and provide quickrevocation facilities for parole and probation instead of directprison sentencing. The measure would effectively minimize sentencingand allow time for recovery.


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