Samsung Low-Profile Heir Poised to Succeed Father Seen as a God


SamsungLow-Profile Heir Poised to Succeed Father Seen as a God

SamsungLow-Profile Heir Poised to Succeed Father Seen as a God

  • Lee Kun Hee, Samsung chairman’s visit to the organization is treated as a state affair

  • Lee is so highly revered in the company such that the management does not allow employees to look directly to his face

  • On the contrary, Samsung vice-chair, Lee Jae Yong, maintains a low profile and is approachable

  • He is fluent in three languages

  • He is humble, reachable, and open to listen and learn from anyone

  • Lee Jay Y. is the present Samsung vice chair

  • He has over $4 billion stake in Samsung Company

  • Samsung is facing stiff competition in high-end, low-end, and middle class smartphone versions that necessitates a flexible chair

  • Lee Jay Y has an undergraduate degree from East Asian History from Seoul National University, which is among the best education institutions in South, Korea

  • He pursued master’s degree from Japan’s Keio University

  • He spent five years in Harvard Business School studying for a Ph.D.

  • He joined Samsung in 2001, and was allocated a big office and several secretaries from every department of the organization to help learn about the organization

  • He has held other leadership positions in the company previously, including chief operating officer and chief customer officer prior to becoming the vice chair

  • He helped in enhancing branding power and solidification of smartphones, televisions and its components

  • He is associated with improving Samsung partnerships through conferences with Google Inc. Apple CEOs, Larry Page and Tim Cook respectively

  • He has connections in Silicon valley, the center of software development



Thisarticle asserts that Lee Jay Y. will probably be a more effectivecompany leader than his father. I agree with the author’s opinionbecause Lee Jay Y. is a well-educated graduate. He also has vastconnections with developers and competing companies. In addition, heis a collaborative and democratic leader. He has maintaining a lowprofile because appearing in public and giving interviews would beundermining his father’s authority, which is against the Koreanculture. In addition, Lee Kun Hee has deliberately maintained hisson’s low profile to prevent him from negative publicity that canrisk his chances of succeeding him. Lee Jay has held many positionsin the company, he has vast connection with key people in theelectronics manufacturing industry, and his humble nature makes himeasily accessible to key stakeholders in the company that are crucialfor enhancing the company’s operation.