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Posterreflection Memo

MemoReflection on the process of drawing up the poster

Theposter has been developed from an article that appeared in the wallstreet journal about Wal-Mart intention to open smaller stores as astrategy of enhancing its business growth. In addition, the giantmultinational corporation had announced its intention to change itsonline marketing approach in order to have a more leverage with itscompetitors.

Inthis case, the poster was developed from the article main theme andkey aspects discussed in the article. The poster was developedthrough a remix discourse in which the central focus was the messageand the audience. There exist a great difference on the targetaudience of the article and the poster. In particular, the articlemay have targeted online audience while the poster has the capacityto target the public (Shelly, 2014).

Whendrawing up a poster, the original message and theme does not changefrom that of the original article. Information is condensed andsummarized to enhance more visual appeal by selecting importantpoints from the article and using them to design the poster. Thedesign of a poster varies greatly from that of the article in termsof visual appeals and the formatting used. The language used is moreprovocative and stress more on creating attention on the part ofreaders. Furthermore, posters give limited access to informationcompared to the original article this is important in eliciting asense of interest on the part of the audience (Shelly, 2014).

Theposter has been designed to create interest and attention among thepublic on change of business strategy by the firm. The company logoand the trademark give the poster a more authentic and appealinginfluence compared to the original article. The blue color on theword Wal-Mart symbolizes the firms’ trademark color that capturespublic attention. In addition, the different colors and word formatsused gives the poster an attractive appearance that captures onesattention. Similarly, the ‘smiley face’ and the ‘cloud callout’ also create a lively and an appealing aspect to the members ofthe public and may be captivating to young people especially the kidsand the college students. The poster has been designed in such a waythat the message carries an informative and persuading tone (Thomas,2011).

Thecaption added, ‘save money’ ‘live better’ and ‘dynamicpricing’ carries overtones that can influence any shoppers mindafter seeing the captions. Harmony has been enhanced by varying andmatching the background color with an overall impression of creatingan attractive eye-catching poster(Middleton &ampHerriott, 2007). Overall, the poster carries the impression ofauthorizing, informing and persuading the public not to elsewherebase on the firm quality services and offers compared to itscompetitors.

Postersare designed to pass brief information that is overlay biasedsubjectively to give it a more captivating effect. The originalarticle was more argumentative, informative, less subjective anddetailed than the information presented on the poster. In addition,the article has a great augmented thesis contrary to the poster wherethe audiences are left to view a brief part of the whole information.However, the poster content and theme is not different from theoriginal article the poster has just summarized the original idea ina more creative and appealing form(Middleton &ampHerriott, 2007).

Whenthis form of remix is done, one thing that changes is the audienceand the appealing aspects on the remixed product. Another aspect thatchanges is the size of the content used an article has moreinformation that is detailed compared to of the poster. Anothervisual difference between the article and the poster is that,pictures and other visual appeals have been applied to make it moreappealing (Courant,2013). Viewers of the poster are more likely to engage in action thanwhen they read the article. For instance, the message conveyed in theposter influence the public to research more about the firm comparedto individuals who would have read the article. In general, thearticle and the poster convey the same information but there exists agreat variation in how they approach the presentation of the theme tothe different audience (Courant,2013 Middleton &ampHerriott, 2007). Another aspect of changing articles from onegenre to the other is that the author of the poster may not necessaryfollow grammatical or other literally styles as far as the messagecan be easily read on the poster (Noble, 2002).

Inrevising the article to change it to the poster format, the processwas achieved through constant revising of the original article toensure that the content and the theme are same. This remix projecthas given me more insight on how to change one article to anothergenre. The overall project has enhanced my knowledge in designingposters and revising large articles to make a remix that is moreattractive and digital compared to the former article(Lankshear, 2008).


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