Self evaluation





  1. What assumptions do you make in your life? (What things do you believe are undeniably true?)

  1. Hard worker

Why:I always put in extra effort in my work and studies.

  1. Life is balanced and objective

Why:Everything in life has its strengths and weaknesses if we look hardenough

  1. The brave heart wins

Why:It is only by being brave that I have ventured into new things inlife such as learning English language

  1. Nothing is impossible.

Why:where a solution is not obvious, I improvise. So far, I have beenvery successful

  1. I am easy

Why:I relate well with most people and have no sworn enemies.

  1. I am what I eat

Why:I manage to maintain such a body by being specific about what I eatand I keep to only healthy foods.

  1. Truth sets one free

Why:It is very hard to memorize lies and the truth always reveals withtime

  1. Humor is medicine

Why:Humor has been my solace whenever I feel low

  1. Stubbornness is a virtue

Why:I have built my character by defending position or beliefs always andsometimes irrespective of reason

  1. My organization

Why:I achieve more in a day if I plan and schedule my time well.

  1. Spiritual

Why:I believe that a superior being controls my life and humanity atlarge

  1. Wisdom is natural

Why:My grandfather, tough unschooled offers the best advice ever on lifeissues.

  1. In what situations do you feel you are most assertive and self-assured?Give 12 answers in the format above: number each one and state the situation&nbspfollowed by the reason for it.&nbsp

  1. Spirituality

Why:It helps me understand nature and my place in the galaxy

  1. Cultural competence

Why:I have travelled significantly and thus acquainted to diversecultures and take an interest in reading about their cultures

  1. Culinary skills

Why:I learned culinary skills from my Uncle who used to operate a smalleatery

  1. Mathematics

Why:I have persistently performed better in mathematics than othersubjects

  1. Home

Why:I feel most comfortable at home where I can do whatever or even wearmy most comfortable pajamas

  1. Academics

Why:I have always excelled in this area

  1. With family

Why:I know they love me no matter what

  1. Kitchen

Why:I am very confident in my culinary skills

  1. Travelling

Why:My mind is most receptive to new sights and new people

  1. Browsing the internet

Why:I cannot get enough of the internet especially on stories around theworld and travel diaries

  1. Interacting with friends

Why:I love to learn other people’s subjective views of life and theirexperiences.

  1. In what situations do you feel least assertive and self-assured?Give 12 answers in the format above: number each one and state the situation&nbspfollowed by the reason for it.&nbsp

    1. Map reading

Why:I always get lost when I read maps alone so I am not confident inreading them.

    1. Physical activity

Why:I have a small body hence I strain more in demanding ohysiclaactivities

    1. Sports

Why:I have never been a very big sports fan and only tried my hands onping pong alone

    1. Video games

Why:I find them addictive and many have too much violence for my liking

    1. Dancing

Why:I have a stiff body which makes my movements very poor

    1. Story telling

Why:I only confide in close friends

    1. Fashion

Why:I find it to be an expensive affair and thus avoid it altogether

    1. Make up

Why:I prefer my natural looks to make up.

    1. Dating

Why:at my age, it would not mix well with my studies

    1. Languages

Why:It takes me much longer than the average time to learn a new language

    1. Swimming:

Why:I honestly fear water in large quantities

    1. Malls

Why:I feel intimidated by the huge fashion items on display and shopperstoo

  1. What do you believe makes you unique?Give 12 answers in the format above: number each one and state your belief followed by the reason for it.

    1. Easy going

Why:This means I can make friends very fast and do not create friction inmy relations

    1. Attitude

Why:I tend to be realistic towards everything which is not common inpeople

    1. Deep

Why:I tend to analyze things and seeker deeper meaning and explanationsin situations and even jokes.

    1. Spirituality

Why:I find a lot of explanations about life from a spiritual perspectiveand how humans and nature connect

    1. Sense of humor

Why:I laugh at myself when am in trouble or when am wrong

    1. Warm hearted

Why:I am naturally friendly, kind and compassionate to people and evenanimals

    1. Open minded

Why:I understand there can never be one-size-fits-all view

    1. Cheerful

Why:I seen the fun in every situation and enjoy the moment

    1. Cheeky

Why:I can get someone into trouble for the fun of it.

    1. Heritage

Why:My Chinese background gives me a unique and different perspective tolife

    1. Laughter

Allmy friends seem to recognize me just by laugh

    1. Moral compass

Why:I have a unique set of moral values attributable to my family


Readeach of the statements and tick the response which best reflects youand your work environment.

  1. When I encounter a problem, I am open-minded about the best way to solve it √

  2. I am not afraid of being seen as different from other people

  3. I am stimulated by free-thinking people √

  4. I find it easy to look to the future √

  5. I readily generate new ideas to solve a problem √

  6. I like a sense of order in my life √

  7. I enjoy working with detail √

  8. I prefer to have all the facts before I make a decision √

  9. I dislike having to meet new people or going to unfamiliar places

  10. I like to read instructions before starting something new √

22+12 = 34

Highscore 30–40:You are predisposed to be a highly creative person. You will be avaluable source of ideas in the creative problem-solving process.


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