RobinThike- Get her back

Gether back isa song in Robin Thike’s album, Paula.Just as the whole album is a dedication to the singer’s ex-wife,the song as well as the video gives a clear picture of the eventsthat led to the couple’s separation. According to critiques, thevideo is creepy because, following events of their relationship thesinger is trying to make up for his mistakes and reckless behaviorthat led to his wife, Paula, walking out on him. The singer admitsthat the album is an attempt to apologize for his mistakes and winback his ex-wife’s love. However, the progression of the album andthe debut release of official videos show that the artist is in astate of denial, loneliness, desperation, and suicidal regret (TheSydney morning Herald Entertainment 2014).

Personally,the critiques are partially right. The video shows creepy sceneswhere the singer looks vengeful and willing to go to all lengths toget her back or make sure that she pays for leaving him.Additionally, the text messages on the conversation between the twoincriminate the singer in a psychotic rather than in a romantic wayas he originally intended to. I think that the move by the singer toproduce such a video to the particular song is intentional. Heintends to imply to the public and Paula that their separation lefthim in despair and he is in need of her love. The singer openlyexpresses his feelings without thinking of the social publicrepercussions. The video is creepy in all aspects. The singer’svideo has several bloody scenes. He has blood dripping from his faceand on a second scene a woman resembling his ex-wife is drowning ina pool of blood. The singer’s choice of scenes in the video sendsan unclear message on his judgment (Pujolet al. 2011).

Froma personal perspective, the video forces Paula to the choice offiling a restraining order on the singer because his situation checkson the Psychopathy Checklist (PCL) (Andrews&amp Bonta 2010).However, the singer may have had the idea of creating the video as acommercial strategy that would increase his album’s sale due to theemotional connection. Nonetheless, this may be true, for him to havethe thought graduates his psychopathic level. According to society,it is inhuman to use other people’s personal emotions as acommercial strategy, especially without their consent.

Thevideo creates an inner strain of negative ideas. Originally, the lovecycle ends at a breakup. Thereafter, if one party is still hooked, itcreates a continued bitter feeling. It then prevents the two partiesfrom moving on. The singer’s bitter feeling due to his own actionscan lead to severe situations from threats, suicidal notes, publicitymoves, mental and emotional stress. The video leaves an impressionthat all relationships end in nasty situations as Robin’srelationship. The text messages in the video show that the singer ispsychic and Paula is even scared of what he may do next. “This isjust the beginning,” the statement from Robin ends the conversation(TheSydney morning Herald Entertainment 2014).To me, this is an indefinite threat to Paula, which may cause herunrest as well as fear. In the same position as her, the matterclassifies as a police case and a threat to life. The video leaves anidea that the world if full of psychopaths. It creates a harshenvironment to love and interact with people, especially leading topeople avoiding intimate links that may end up in the same tragicway.

Theidea sprouts from the fact that the singer’s expression representsa common world scene. Artists produce songs that express things thatthey feel. Many people relate their situations to songs. Worst-casescenario is that people who relate to the songs react as the singerdoes. In this aspect, if people in broken relationships react asRobin does, the world appears to be full of a substantial number ofpsychopaths. It also shows the number of criminal situations and withthe current justice channels, many go unnoticed due to their low-keynature and the numbers. From the ideas and hearsay of how psychopathsare charming, witty, daring, intelligent, high on charisma, and lowon emotional connection (Juárezet al. 2013).The scary bit of this is that with these characteristics, it is easyto fall into their ‘trap’. These kind of people have a deceptivemask that hides their true nature. Therefore, it is impossible toidentify one at first sight.

Comingfrom a cultural time, which society defines such acts as norms it ishard to understand why the singer would overstep the boundaries andrelease the conversation. Moreover, the singer does not respectPaula’s boundaries. From the socio-cultural background, privacy isa key definition of human space and independence (Andrews&amp Bonta 2010).Violation of human privacy is against the law. To understand thisbetter, defined private matters need to be in place to avoid publicmisconduct and cases of stalking. The law and society ought to nipstalkers at an early stage before developing into criminalpsychopaths.


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