Self Representation



Selfrepresentation refers to a situation in which a defendant, in a courtof law, presents himself or herself in a criminal case. Such anindividual does not rely on a lawyer for either advice orrepresentation instead he or she make a research and argue his or herown case before the court (Champion,Hartley &amp Rabe, 2012).

Allpersons should be given the opportunity to present themselves in anycourt of law

Selfpresentation help defendants save money that would have otherwisebeen used in hiring a lawyer or attorney. This is because sometimes adefendant is forced to hire a private lawyer if he or she does notwant to be presented by the attorney provided by the court (Championet al., 2012). This, in turn, cost significant amount of money inhiring such an attorney.

Again,the opportunity to present oneself should be accorded to all in anycourt of law since they are aware of all details of their situationin a deep manner. Similarly, some of the defendants lack trust in thecourt or the judicial system handling their case hence, they preferarguing their case out without any help of a lawyer.In fact, mostof them are not ready to work with a defense attorney that the courtappoints for them they fear getting poor services from such anattorney. Charles Manson and the Manson family is one of the casesthat show the need to self representation in order to avoid illegalconvictions of a defendant.


However,there are circumstances when a person should not be given the rightto present themselves before a jury. For instance, a person should bedenied the opportunity to present himself or herself when he or sheis acting not only on his or her own behalf but also on behalf ofothers (Sarat, 2013). This may apply when a defendant is representinga corporation a licensed attorney must represent a corporation inany legal proceeding in order to protect the rights of allshareholders in the corporation.


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