Seventh generation



as accompany is founded on philosophy that seeksto to promote sustainability by delivering nature inspired products.The firm redefines sustainability and makes consumers aware thatnature provides key materials to create essential products among themcleaning agents while at the same time preserving the environment forthe next seven generations. The firm engages consumers in protectingnature by doing away with harmful chemicals found in conventionalconsumer products especially cleaning agents. The firm manufactures arange of products in different categories. Under the cleaning agentscategory, there is hand soap, dishwashing soap, general purposedetergents and laundry soap. Under health and beauty, there is skincleansing products, beauty soaps and a range other feminine beautyproducts. In home care, there are baby diapers, tampons, tissue paperand paper towels all manufactured from recycled paper.

Consumers are increasingly concerned about their health, carbonfootprint and the ethical conduct of organizations. All theseconcerns are being expressed in the choice of products and servicesthat they buy. Consumers have thus created a trend to demandhealthier and safer products from manufacturers. However, not manymanufacturers have embraced the shift from conventional manufacturingprocesses and products because of cost limitations. However, for thehealth, safety and environment conscious consumers, they are willingto pay a higher price for such products. Seventh Generation thustargets these consumers through safe, healthy and environmentallyfriendly processes. The manufacturing processes of such products arealso environmentally friendly noting that the firm pursues a greenpolicy in its organizational operations and not just in productsonly. The firm has also received certification from Coalition forConsumer Information on Cosmetics` (CCIC) Leaping Bunny Program foravoiding animal cruelty in manufacturing and testing its products.


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