Share Jesus Without Fear

ShareJesus Without Fear


Share Jesus without Fear is a Christianity-based bookwritten by William Fay. Fay started the Salvation Journey in 1981.Prior to becoming an evangelist, he was a successful entrepreneur. Hewas the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the President of amulti-million corporate business associated with Mafia. The mainbusiness of the Mafia business was gambling, racketeering, andbookmaking. Besides, he also owned one of the biggest brothelssituated in the U.S. However, after he accepted Jesus he enrolled ina Bible School that prepared him to become a chaplain, pastor, and anationally renowned radio personality. According to Fay, evangelismeducates people about obedience that originates from faithmotivation1.However, it does not involve ‘winning souls’ for Jesus as thecongregation may contain several people who have neither faith norbelief in the teachings of Jesus Christ. He claims that Christianscan be classified into two major groups that include individuals whofocus on talking about the lost persons and others who communicatewith the lost persons. Fay advocates that believers should talk tothe lost persons, and refrain from the “sin of silence” sinceonly 5-10% of Christians share their faith throughout the year. Theauthor notes that valuable Christians include people who talk to thelost, instead of just talking about the lost persons. He emphasizesthat believers should start evangelizing immediately, irrespective ofwhere they are. The book offers lengthy advice on suitable strategiesthat believers can use when ministering the Gospel to the lost. Theapproach proposed in the book recommends a straightforward andnon-confrontational style. The author uses his personal experiencesto create a comprehensive guide for evangelizing to non-believersusing given questions that he calls, “Share Jesus Questions.” Theobjective of the questions is determining the level of faith of aperson that an evangelist intends to educate about Christianity2.

Personal life experience

After reading William Fay’s book, Share Jesus without Fear,it emphasized my favorite verse in the Bible. “Therefore, sincewe are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us have grace,by which we may serve God acceptably with reverence and Godly fear(Hebrews 12: 28, NKJV).” One day, I was walking to local hospitalto pay my father a visit around our home when I came across ateenager with a sleek car that had a flat tire. However, the driverwas seated on the driver’s seat and begging passersby to change forhim the wheel. Unfortunately, most of them dismissed him as a bossyyoung man.

He hooted to attract my attention, and then beckoned me. The driverrequested me to assist him in changing the wheel. However, he wasquick to add that he did not have cash money, but he would depositany amount in my account as long as I would give him my account. Ihumbly answered him that he did not have to pay for my service, as Iwas willing to assist him free of charge. After I completed changingthe wheel, he thanked me and drove away while I proceeded with myjourney.

On that day, I found my mother seated on the bed with an unusuallypale face. Upon inquiring the problem, I discovered that my fatherwas diagnosed with a serious heart condition that required immediateoperation. However, we could not raise the five million dollarrequired to cater for the treatment. My mother suggested that we postan appeal to the public calling on all well-wishers to give usfinancial support so that my father could be treated.

The following day, the director of the hospital authorized a freeoperation for my father immediately. I later discovered that theyoung man I had assisted to change the wheel was his son. The sonsuffered from severe backbone injury, so he could not manage to fixthe wheel. In fact, he was wheelchair bound. He immediately informedhis father that I had offered him free assistance while he hadrequested over ten people who refused because he had no cash money topay for the service. His father was impressed by me generosity anddecided to pass it to our family through paying the entire cost formy father’s operation. We were overjoyed by the director’s offer.“And my God shall supply all your need according to His richesin glory by Christ Jesus (Philipians 4: 19).


William Fay’s book has plenty of valuable information intended toeducate people to be good evangelists. However, is the bookrecommendable to believers of other faiths? The book is completelybased on Christianity ideology, which limits its evangelism limit.

Does prayer result into salvation? Fay asserts several times thatpeople pray in order to receive Christ. In addition, he givesexamples of many people who prayed in order to receive salvation. Hisideology that people engage Christ in prayers to secure salvation isinconsistent with Biblical teachings. “Blessed are the pure inheart, For they shall see God (Matt 5: 8).” Jesus taught in thebeatitudes that believers with a pure heart would receive salvation,which would let them go to Heaven3.However, prayers alone do not make people’s hearts pure, but themotivation of believing in God does4.

Does God only manifest in a person after he or she invites Him as Fayclaims? Paul argues that humans are already saved as Jesus carriedaway all the human sins after dying on the cross. He further contendsthat a believer is saved after confessing his or her faith in Christ,“but also for us. It shall be imputed to us who believe in Himwho raised up Jesus our Lord from the dead, who was delivered upbecause of our offenses, and was raised because of our justification(Rom 4:24-25).”

Lastly, the author has only used the examples of persons thateventually receive Christ. However, he can improve the credibilityand understanding of salvation through including people who do notreceive salvation. A case study of such persons could assist readersto develop a comprehensive understanding of the salvation concept.


After reading Share Jesus without Fear, I have resolved tostart evangelizing to my schoolmates. “That the sharing of yourfaith may become effective by the acknowledgment of every good thingwhich is in you in Christ Jesus (Philemon 1:6).” Initially, Iwas planning to start evangelizing after graduating because I ampresently overwhelmed with academic work. My goal will be reachingout to my classmates that have been abusing drugs. The objective ofthe outreach program I will launch is educating students on thesignificance of salvation. I am planning that by within the next twomonths, I will lead at least twenty students to salvation.Previously, I thought that evangelism is a responsibility for theordained preachers. Nevertheless, I have discovered that I am guiltyof “the sin of silence” because I do not even attempt to correctthe lost people5.For example, one of my friends is admitted in the hospital incritical condition after he got involved in a tragic car accident. Hecrashed into a tree when driving under the alcohol influence. I haveanother friend who has been contemplating to commit suicide for thelast six months. Rumor has it that he contracted HIV/AIDS afterengaging in random sexual escapades when drunk. “My people aredestroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge,I also will reject you from being priest for Me Because you haveforgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children(Hosea 4:6).” Fay challenged me because I have been criticizingmy drunken friend in the hospital and the one suffering from the STI.I will use the “share Jesus questions” Fay recommends when I amapproaching the victims. I am hoping to accomplish this task withinthe next seven days6.

From December 2014, I will reach out to people in our community. Iwill be breaking for a two-month holiday from school from December 1,2014 to February 3, 2014. I am planning to utilize the time reachingout to youths in different churches every week. In every church Iwill visit, I intend to lead to salvation at least 20% of thechildren that have not accepted Jesus as their savior. Fay hasoutlined a series of verses that evangelists can use to minister theGospel of Jesus to young believers with the intention of drawing themdeeper into witnessing God’s love7.In many cases, I have come across many people who are avid Biblereaders but they rarely understand the concepts expressed in thebook. I will use Fay’s strategy of advising them to read the versesloudly, and for as many times as they may require understanding theconcepts. The recommended readings include Romans 3:23 and 6:23 thatteaches the truth about sins8.John 3:3 and 14:6 will also come handy when educating the lost aboutthe sacrifice Jesus made so that He could save humankind. Back inhigh school, I had attempted to minister the Gospel of Christ in theschool and other places before I got discouraged. However, Fay hashelped me in discovering that I was failing as an evangelist becauseI was not building their faith before requesting them to surrendertheir lives to Jesus. I am optimistic that my rejuvenated plan tostart educating the youths will be successful because as thebelievers would be accepting salvation and repentance for anobjective that they understand9.

Lastly, I will form a support group of Bible believers in the nextthree days. The purpose of the group would be offering spiritualguidance and support to the new believers that will accept Jesus astheir personal savior. Fay asserts that many new believers backslidebecause they lack extended support. In many cases, the lost find itdifficult to stay in salvation unless they receive continuousmotivation from other believers. I will also establish an onlinesupport group so that I can assist many people. I will draw themembers of the groups from different Christian-based denominations inour home and school region10.After graduating, I will extend the outreach of the evangelism groupnationwide. Besides, I intend to request professionals counselors,pastors, psychologist, and addiction therapists among other socialworkers in our community to support young believers to grow in faith.New believers will benefit from the group prayers and faith lessons.We will be teaching new members essential prayers, referring them tochurches close to them, as well as recommending faith partners withintheir locality. The partners will assist the new believers topractice salvation enthusiastically. “What does it profit, mybrethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Canfaith save him (James 2: 14)?” Fay recommends that newly savedChristians should contact people who have been in salvation for sometime, and who could have been praying for them to be saved, so thatthey can offer guidance for growing spiritually. However, the onlineforum will offer a platform for people with no prayer partners tomeet.


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