Smallville Story





Threewomen suspected shoplifters escaped after shoplifting merchandise andassaulting two store attendants at 1313 Nile Blvd yesterday at around5 pm, Authorities said.

Officersdeployed to the scene of incident learnt important details.

Thesuspects punched and kicked the store attendants to the ground whenthe attendants were trying to intercept them at the exit.

Theythen boarded a new model Lexus SUV and drove away. The employees wereable to record the licence plate number of the vehicle, which waslater submitted to the police.

Accordingto the police, the plate information was used to identify theregistered owner of the vehicle as Lisa Belkin of smallville, memorylane.

Theofficers traced the location and immediately they were allowed in,two women emerged from a hallway and assaulted them with baseballbats. They managed to handcuff the women and arrested them.

Asearch conducted by the police in the premises found 60 articles ofclothing, many with tags attached, several firearms, a large quantityof computers and electronic equipment, cameras and assorted householdgoods.

Alsodiscovered in the premises are three kilograms of cocaine andsuspected ten pounds of pure methamphetamine.

Thesuspects were identified to as Lisa Belkin, 26, from SmallvilleGertrudis Cano, 30, from San Diego, CA and Jenifer Wade, 28 from LosAngeles. Authorities said.

Theywill be judged on assaulting a peace officer, suspicion of assault,resisting to be arrested, felony theft, burglary and possession ofdrugs with intent to distribute.

Basedon this investigation, there are enough reasons to believe that thesuspects belong to a burglary group that has been operating inSmallville for at least six months.

Theauthorities said, information obtained from criminal records anddocuments reveals that the suspects belongs to the most powerfulnarcotic trafficking organization in the world, Sinaloa Drug Cartel.

Ifthese will be confirmed, it will be the first arrest in Smallville ofallies to this group, police said.

Policebelieve that they have brought down this criminal enterprise and willcontinue with their investigations in an attempt of making morearrests. They will be coordinating with DEA in an attempt of tryingto aid the investigations.