Sports Heroes



Thesociety is made of different sporting activities, which presentsunique and talented athletes, who at one point in their career theybecome heroes in the society. Sports heroes have different categoriesin which they fit (Mallon,2013). However, these heroes sometimes act inappropriately and inmost cases are charged with criminal conduct, which portrays nodifference with those heroes from generation ago. This paper presentsthe fact that sports heroes can at times act inappropriately and inmost cases are charged with criminal conduct (Kaczmarek, 2009).

Sportsheroes usually find themselves in compromising positions in thesociety, which ends up tarnishing their image as sports men andwomen. These forms of acts include over speeding and hitting innocentcivilians on the road, consumption of too much alcohol that makes thebe taken to the rehabilitation centers and indulging in drug peddlingthat ends up affecting the whole society. One upholds self-respect,not by picking what is respectable rather than what is wicked, but bypicking what is anticipated of each and every one. Individual wishesare depressed in the combined anticipation (Saunders, 2010). It isusually very inappropriate for a sports icon to disgrace the societyand the community in which he or she comes from. On the other hand,most heroes maintain their status in the society by uphold thesocietal expectations towards him or her (Dowd, 2013). Just like theother generation heroes, todays heroes can still avoid inappropriateand sometimes criminal conduct.

Inconclusion, sports heroes have a prestigious place in the society andthey are supposed to uphold it and ensure that they do not indulge into act inappropriately and in most cases are charged with criminalconduct. It is appropriate for all of them to maintain decency in thesociety.


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