Statement of Purpose

Statementof Purpose

AlexanderGraham Bell once said “the Achievement of one goal should be thestarting point of another”. This is one of my guiding principles inlife. My goal in life is to pursue my academic journey to a higherlevel. Therefore, I am submitting my application to study and securea Masters degree in Business and a particular focus in Management. Ihave a bachelor’s degree in business administration and marketingfrom the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM). Inaddition to my strong academic background, I have a wide range ofexperience in the business environment.

Myacademic background and professional experience is an importantprerequisite for the program. It is my conviction that expanding myacademic knowledge will promote professional and personaldevelopment. Based on my experience in the KSA business environment,SWOT analysis is essential to business success. It has an impact ofthe key aspects of strategic business management especially indeveloping new marketing strategies. My main interest is to examinethe challenges and opportunities affect organizations in KSA.Business Management is the most appropriate field for me to polish myskills and in understanding the new strategies implemented bybusiness gurus globally. To success in the modern global environment,equipping oneself with emerging trends in business management isessential. Nowadays graduate studies are fundamental and necessary inorder to achieve a successful and professional career. I am veryconfident that the key to a bright future in my country is to acquirea graduate degree in a rapidly growing and globally competitiveprofession. At the moment, I am working at the foreign investmentagency as the head of licensing. In addition to licensing activities,my other responsibilities include recommending improvement andanalyzing changes in regulations. At my line of work being up to datewith global investments and business trends is essential in order tounderstand the approach and investments of each investor’sbackground as well as regulations that touches on their line ofbusiness. Some of my professional achievements include theoutstanding achievement every year since 2010, including the GlobalCompetitive Forum in 2010 and 2011. I am also a member of the SaudiEconomic Association.

Iam a hard working individual who enjoys motivating other people tosee the best in them. Team player is also a major strength in me. Iam a leader, proactive and creative thinker. In my free time, I likephysical exercise to keep fit for example, swimming and playingsquash. Searching for information from the internet, to keep up datedand to be aware of changes and emerging trends is also an importantpass time activity. If you ask my colleague and friends who is SaudAbdulaziz Alsaud, theywill most likely describe me a diverse and intelligent youngprofessional always ready to take new challenges in my professionaland social life. Although they are not all related, some of thesecharacteristics will have an influence in my graduate studies. Themaster’s degree in business will have a significant and effectiverole in my career advancement. A graduate degree in businessmanagement will equip me with knowledge and skills necessary tothrive in the competitive global business environment.

Aftermaking an extensive search about your business school, it is one ofthe nation’s best business schools. It would be my pleasure tostudy in this institution. I hope that you give me the chance torealize my dream and serve my family, community and humanity aswhole. Thank you for your consideration, I am looking forward tohearing from you.


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