Wheneveryou hear of Rogers Communications, you know that it is a firm that isfound in Canada which has many dialects that specifies in the fieldof conveying information through various devices. The organization`sareas of specification are phones, Intranet connection, media cablessuch as TV cables. The company does not only operate in these areasbut also it deals with various entities of mass media and other mediaassets (Rogers Communication Inc., 2006). Rogers Communications wasfounded more than five decades ago. With its main offices in Toronto,it is one of the Canadian firms that is in the front line in dealingwith matters of wireless connectivity. Despite the fact that it isone of the leading firms in the industry of wireless connectivity,this company faces competition from other wireless industry companiesbut its main competitor is Bell Canada firm. The table below reflectsthe number of clients that this firm has had in thousands (Hasselt,2007).

In1925, alternating current radio was founded by Rogers Sr for thefirst time. This invention made it easier for many people to haveradio current in their homes. It was at this point that radiobroadcasting was widely known and used. After this huge breakthrough,Rogers Sr invented the organization called Vacuum Tube in the year1925. When the son of Rogers took over the firm from his father in1961, he changed the company`s name to Rogers Radio Broadcasting. Heas well took over Aldred-Rogers and CHFI. There were some morechanges to the company`s name till the year 1986 where it acquiredthe name Rogers Communications (Hasselt 2007). This organization hasalways been in the forefront in adopting upcoming and newtechnologies thus going beyond the wireless communication.

Thetable below depicts the goods and services that Rogers’scommunications offers:

Goods or Services



This firm is the leading Canadian company that specializes in offering services of wireless voice as well as information communication. The company has almost 10 million clients that are on Fido, Rogers and Wireless as well as brands of Chart


Rogers Communications is the best firm in providing Radio and Television media in Canada. Under this service, the firm as well deals with media properties, sports arena and editing and publication.


The firm is well known company for proving cable facilities and services in Canada. These services include Internet and Television cables they serve up to 3.8 million people in Ontario and two other Canadian cities.

Business solutions

Most business entities, big, small and even middle sized get their various networking facilities and services from Rogers Company.


Givingof various End-To-End Client Experience

RogerCommunications offers various client-based solutions to itscustomers. The company specializes in the area of changing thecross-device integration to overseeing a system that is reliable, notcomplicated and spotless. The services it offers can be used by anyperson at any given point. It does this via giving various assortmentmachines as well as machine-related services. More so, this firmdeals with overseeing a huge mingling of the various media assets ithas over the screens (Holman et al. 2000).

Makingthe Client experience Strong

Thecompany`s clientele have a number of experiences that it has throughusing various services and products that the company offers. This haskept the firm on toes since it has to frequently boost its clients`experience so as to make it easier for them to access these goods andservices. The as well provides its customers with various tools andresources that enable them to use the firm`s services and goods in aneasier way. This also has enhanced as well as strengthened theclients` experience in using the company`s services and products withso much confidence. The company, more so, is so determined inenhancing its customers experience so it is so much in tune with thecustomers` needs and requirements thus continuing to make itsproducts and services simpler.

EnhancingCost structure as well as Productivity.

Theorganization`s focus on various measures that can increaseproductivity but at the same time reduce the cost so as to make itefficient continues. Its main way of attaining this goal is viaimproving its delivery services, minimizing its expenditure plan,being close to the basic suppliers as well as focusing on fewerprojects that can impact positively to the firm (Holman et al, 2000).

BoostingGrowth chances for the Future as well as expanding the Service Reach.

Thefirm is as well focusing on expanding its market target areas throughcoming up with a number of growth plans. These plans includedevice-to-device communications, roaming business and video, businesscommunication services, media services that are digitalized andsports. Furthermore, the company is focusing on enlarging the reachof its networks as well as services via new construction. This willbe such a great benefits to the company since it complements itscurrent fields. The company plans to achieve this through introducingmore of its products and services as well as by enlarging the reachnational basic media names and across the firm`s areas ofdigitalization.

KeepingNetworks that Leads the Industry

RogersCommunications intents to keep the leading network industries bystrengthening and supporting the fastest and more reliable networksthat it has through the making the firm`s LTE network more extensivethat can accommodate the whole population of Canada. This will alsobe attained by intensifying the firm`s television platform andintegrating it with the coming generation characteristics andpracticality, as well as precede the increase of having a highInternet speed broadband (Holman et al, 2000).

Long-termAims in Attaining Competitive Advantage

Bearingin mind that Rogers communication has other existing competitors inthe industry such as Ball Canada and others, the firm aims atemerging the best by achieving competitive advantage. The companydoes so by aiming at various strategic goals. These strategic goalsare making proper use of spectrum, fresh clientele attraction,acquiring and keeping new clients, producing various products forsale as one combined product (Bundling), margin expansion, andacquisition of new brands among other strategies. Below are theexplanations of these strategic goals.

Maintainingthe Size

Oneadvantage that Rogers Communication has over its competitors is size. The company is ensuring that it keeps its size maintenance. Eventhough it is true that each company has come up with the needednetwork in the providing services industry in Canada, not even one ofthese companies have been capable of coming up with competitiveadvantage over others when it comes to the issue of networking. Thismakes Rogers Communication have an upper hand over its competitors.

Accessto Capital Balance

Thefactor of accessing capital balance has been seen as a comparativelykey factor in the success of many companies. If there is no enoughmoney the companies won’t be able to merge to the requiredstandards with those firms that they face competition within theprocess of coming up with new technology or raise their standard ofnetwork. However, Rogers Communication has been seen to performfairly in this arena according to Standard &amp Poor Rating.


Bundlingis an act of producing various products for sale as one combinedproduct. This factor is seen to be a very vital factor via whichcompanies can produce marvelously. The trio competitors of Rogers’scommunication offer different services to their customers.Nevertheless, Rogers communication has an upper hand on this factorsince it have four various products and services under one product.


Thecompetitive advantage of Rogers Communication on this factor is thefact that it has strategically partnered with WiMAX. The otherwireless companies have as well taken the important and vital step ininvesting in new technology. The main reason of their action is so asto remain competitive in the market.

Equityof Brand

Dueto the uniformity of the products and services that are being givenunder the industry of wireless by firms, the one tool fordifferentiation is considered to be equity of brand. Every companyhas come up with equity in their brand in the home markets beforethey had the services of wireless. This has made them not to moveforward but instead maintain the status quo of equity. Rogers hascontinued to capture approximately 40% of market share and equitydespite of the locality.

Findingand Keeping new Clients

Inthe wireless industry of Canada, finding as well as keeping newclients is seen to be one of the major factors of succeeding in thisbusiness. If a firm does not find new clients, it will be almost hardto sustain the business since there won’t be increase in revenue.This firm has a competitive advantage of finding as well as keepingnew clients through some strategic measures and this has been itsadded advantage over its competitors.

FreshClientele Attraction

Theamount of new customers that are attracted to the business is anotherkey to sustaining the business in the wireless industry. Without newclients, it means that the firm will only have the old ones thatbecome very dangerous in this business. Rogers has a way ofattracting new clients through various means thus its success andthis as well is a competitive advantage.


Acompany’s reputation goes a long way in making its customers valueit more and attracting more customers. This factor is considered tobe one of the key factors in the industry of wireless since manypeople tent to shy away from a company whose reputation is not goodand it becomes even harder to retain the current customers. When itcomes to this factor, Rogers Communication is a step ahead of itscompetitors. This company`s reputation is beyond the bar! It helps ina number of social services activities that benefit the community atlarge.


Whenit comes to strategic partnerships, Rogers Communication is not leftbehind. Despite the fact that all the three firms have heavilyengaged in this arena, Rogers beats them all. Strategic partnershipis seen to be just somewhere in the middle as a factor. This isbecause there is so much leverage in the market.


Acompany`s capability of presentation when faced with other companiesis determined mostly by the margin. This makes this factor animportant factor. The factor of margin is determined by the firm`searnings in the market. When these three companies are put togethercomparatively, Rogers Communication outweighs the other two on thisfactor because of its vast margins.

Utilizationof the Spectrum

Thisfactor is considered to be a low factor as compared to other factorsin the field. This does not mean that it is not needed in acquiringsuccess when it comes to wireless industry in Canada. It might beneeded by the carrier at a future date even though it is notconsidered as a revenue creativity factor. Rogers Communication`sperformance in the spectrum utilization is considered to berelatively above.

Developmentof Programs and Application

Oneway of boosting and enhancing competitive advantage is via researchand development expenditure. Most programs, software as well asapplication are mostly done by the manufacturers of handsets forRogers Communication before they are put on the market for sale. Thisis not always the case since sometimes this software’s andapplications are done by other contractors. Moreover, RogersCommunication has as well come up with its own wireless applications.This is mostly seen in the business market. Because of the uniformityof the products and services offered by the competitors in thewireless industry, there is no better competitive advantage thancoming up with new modes of making use of the same tool. There is ahuge competition on the market on the development of various wirelessservices competitive advantage comes in through the manner in whichevery competitor utilizes their applications and the way they sellthe services to the customers. Research and Development ratio isrelative to the manufacturers` tools thus making development ofsoftware and application a competitive factor.

Marketingand Retail

Thereis a factor of competitive advantage in the issue of retail andmarketing. This advantage is gotten from a number of sources whichinclude coming up with a well known as well as trusted brand,developing campaigns that deals with advertisement that will drawmuch attention and differentiate a brand from another and developingsufficiently huge various channels of sales so as to enable the firmreach its intended clients. Rogers Communication has gotten acompetitive advantage by coming up with formations of partnering withother related companies, goods as well as services. There is as wellan act of Roger Communication giving back to the society bysupporting various community based programs. This has helped thecompany to boost it responsibility in terms of social amenities. Quite a good number of people from the firm are able to bond with thefirm in various stages through an enhanced Corporate SocialResponsibility (Rogers Communications Inc. 2006)


Theseare basic consumers. In the greater manner, consumers add value tothe business by giving feedback. This helps in enhancing competitiveadvantage of the firm by it adhering to its consumers` demands aswell as results. The clientele demands as well help the organizationto boost its competitive advantage through various surveys that areproduced by the consumers since this enables the organization torealize new arenas where consumers` demand is directed. To a largeextend, it encourages a greater level of services offered to clientsby the organization. By so doing, the current customers as well asthe new ones are satisfied, thus creating a competitive advantage tothe organization.


Itis almost impossible for a company to attain its set goals andobjectives without proper financial resources. This makes this factora vital element as well as so critical in competitive advantagedevelopment. When it comes to revenue and funds, Rogers Communicationis unbeatable by the other wireless companies. This has given thiscompany an added advantage over its competitors. Wholesomely,financial resources is a critical tool that an organization can useas a competitive to beat its rivals in the wireless industry. This isexactly what Rogers communications has over its competitors.


Firmsthat are aiming to succeed in the market always build on a strongbrand name in the market. The brand name revolves around the valuesthat are associated with a firm, the logo and the customerexperience. The brand name is responsible for the maintenance offuture revenue inflows in future. Ideally Rodgers has a built astrong brand name that has enable it to get a larger share of themarket in addition to having a competitive edge. This factor is amongthe many reason that Roger Communications has been successful andstill shows signs of potential future expansion.

Reputationof the firm

Thereputation of a firm is important to the retaining of customers andattracting of new customers too. For a firm to successfully implementa development strategy it should build on a good reputation .Thatrefer to excellent customer service and quality good too (Hasselt,2007). A good reputation is a powerful marketing tool to thepotential clients. A positive reputation enables a firm to earn acompetitive edge against its rivals in the market. To this effectRodgers communication has been able to maintain a good repute in themarket that has enabled it retains its client and attract new ones.


Fora firm to be successful the management must come up with ways to winthe customer loyalty. The customer loyalty is important to retainingclients that give a firm a non intermittent source of revenue. Theclient retention enables a firm to plan well in advance in itsinventory management practices since they are reliant customers hencethe business sustains sufficient liquidity. The presence of financialliquidity in affirm enables it to implement strategic plansstrategically in the market. As a result this gives the firm acompetitive edge in the industry. As a result, the firm is able tostamp its dominance in the market over a period of time. To thiseffect it would be incumbent upon the Rodger communicationsmanagement to ensure customer retention. This will enable the firm todevelop competitive advantage in the wireless communication industry(Hasselt, 2007).


Thehuman leadership provided in a firm is one of the key elements to thesustenance of a brand in the market. The firm requires having astrong leader that is responsive and bold in making importantdecisions concerning the future of the firm. Additionally themanagement offers leadership that aligns the aspirations of theemployees to the goals of the firm (Hasselt, 2007). Firms aiming toconquer the market bank on strong leadership that offers qualifiedadvice to the direction of the firm. An ideal example is the Rodgerscommunication firm that is built around a strong leadership team thatensures that the right decisions are made. Additionally, it ensuresthat the firm develops a competitive edge to its rivals in themarket. As a result, the future profitability of the firm is securedas it is the case with Rodgers communication.


Firmsaiming to have sustainability both at local and global markets oughtto form calculative partnerships in the markets to secureprofitability of the firm to the share holders. The firm is able toleverage on strategic partnerships to expand in other markets as wellas provide quality goods and services to its clients. The strategicjoint formations enable the firm to cut on wasteful spendingincreasing the pool of funds available to reward the shareholders andexpand. Rodgers communication has been successful in crafting anumber of strategic partnerships though they ought to find morepartners in the market. Additionally, through formation ofpartnerships the firm is able to consolidate its market share andincrease the client base.


Theorganization culture is a key to the realization of set goals by themanagement (Hasselt, 2007). The organizational culture emanates fromthe values that the employees of a firm in addition to the managementhold dearly to the running of the business. The upheld values act asthe source morale to the employee as well as the driving force to therealization of the set goals in the firm’s strategic plan. Customerfocus coupled with innovation is the key cultural elements in theRodgers communication unit. The given values have enabled the firm tocontinue riding high in the market winning the customers hearts. As aresult, the firm has been able to continually earn a premium to theshareholders investments.

GSMcellular Provision

Provisionof a unique product in the market enables a firm to improve on itsprofitability. The ability of Rogers’s communication to be the onlynational provider of GSM cellular services across the country hasbeen a key pointer to its sustained growth and consistence in themarket. The service enables the clients to roam across the worldwithout any inconvenience to them. According to statistics the firmhas over one billion subscribers to the service. The unique featureof the GSM service is the ability to access the World Wide Webconcurrently with making call in one’s electronic gadget.


Theability of a firm to invest in a wide range of off investmentsenables it to successfully ensure profitability in case one industrysuffers shock due to market forces. An ideal example is the Rodgersfirm that has invested in various investments portfolios namelytelecommunication and media industry in addition to the sportssector. As a result, of a firm having such streams of capital themanagement is able to roll out various developmental strategies inthe market that enable it get a competitive advantage to rivals

4Gmarket entry

Toimprove the customer experience Rodgers communications has venturedinto the 4G data access provision platform. The man reason to joiningthe 4G network is to improve the speeds that customer are able toaccess information from the internet (Hasselt, 2007). This will helpthe cut on time wastage as well as cost. To this effect the customeris able to trust the communication vendor as a true business partnerthat is willing to ensure that clients get value for their money.Through such initiatives like introduction of 4G network the firm hasbeen able to build an empire that is worth a high capitalization inthe market.Clients have continually streamed in the firms contactcentre and offices to enjoy the quality service provide by theproduct in the market. As a result the firm has been able to improveits market share and consolidate its authority as the market leader.


Rodgerscommunication has been able to differentiate it products in themarket to its competitors through bundling in the wireless industry.Bundling is considered paramount to clients since it enables themgenerate numerous ARPUs (Plunket, 2008). The bundling facilityoffered by the fir, has enable it to build a distinguishing brandservice to the clients. The firm is able to offer bundling servicesto clients in telephone services, wireless communication in additionto the internet services. As a result, this presents one of the keystrong holds that translate to competitive advantage in the market.With provision of such services to the clients in future the firm isassured of sustainable growth in revenues.


Oneof the core values that the firm has continued to fight to retain isinnovation. Through innovation the firm is able to sustain provisionof unique products in the market that are of high quality. The firmis able to seal its position as the market leader given that it isable to always remain ahead of the pack in the industry. Theinnovations made are a key to the sustained development of the firmand growth of revenue streams. The growth of revenue streams impliesthat the firm is able to timely meet its expansionary programs thatenable it get a larger market share. Moreover, the innovations enablethe firm to meet the ever growing customer expectation in thecommunication sector of getting better services and gadgets too.

StrategicAnalysis Discussion

Thedescribed events in the preceding parts have served as an eye openerto the corporate governance of the firm (Hasselt, 2007). Variousactivities have been undertaken by the Rodgers communication firm toensure that corporate governance goals are realized. Close to this isthe stress paid to innovation. It is through innovation that the firmis able to come up to new ideas concerning improved managementpractices as well as fairer customer treatment experiences. This isall meant to improve the overall palatability of the industry tovarious players. The innovation of better ideas enables the firm tospread the best practices developed to other firms across the wholemarket that is a positive thing. Additionally, through provision ofbold and informed leadership the firm’s management is able to incalculate the best management practices to its employees that in turntranslate this to the while market through the various interventionsin the market.

However,the diversification of the services has impacted slightly negativelyon the corporate governance since the firm at time fails to hirepeople with required experience through in sourcing of managers tonew franchises. However, after periods of cumbersome governance theemployees are able to learn the new ropes in the new industry andadapt accordingly. The other positive got through the firm’scorporate governance arm is the improvement of the living conditionsof surrounding society. The surrounding society has been impactedpositively through the in calculation of positive values in theemployees (Conklin,2010) .The employees in turn translate the same totheir immediate community members that help make the society a betterplace. In the long run the overall moral values in the community areraised up consequently increasing comfort ability with the life.However, through diversification of activities of the firm somecommunity members namely the employees have been impacted negativelydue to transfers involved at workplace that in turn hinder theirprogression in their preferred job lines. Moreover, the firm hascontributed positively to the improvement of living conditions ofimmediate community members through offering them employment.Additionally, the firm has also been taking part in corporateresponsibility programs to the society that empower. As a result thecommunity members are able to improve their living standards.Additionally the firm has been getting involved in pointing out moralvalues violation in the community (Conklin, 2010). The firm has beenadvocating for best business operation practices that ensure eachmember of the business community is held accountable for theiractions.

Onthe other hand the firm has taken some strategic actions that havenot added value to the business. An ideal example is the introductionof spectrum utilization that raises zero income to the business. Thestrategy has not worked for the firm thus failure to generateadditional income that is required to aid the development of the firmat various fronts. As a result, the business should consider scrapingaway all business activities that do not raise additional profits.Additionally, the firm’s failure to adapt product differentiationas one of its market strategies has disenfranchised it in attendingto specific customer needs. To this effect the firm is required tocome up with creative ways to address the specific individualcustomer need that require their attention. Additionally the firmshould consider provider tailor made solutions to its clients.Furthermore, in line with cost cutting measure the firm isrecommended to use data collection through its website as opposed toadministering survey that are cost intensive. This will ultimatelyhelp cut on unnecessary operational costs that will positivelyinfluence profit growth (Conklin, 2010). Additionally, the firm’sgrowth will be positively impacted since more funds will be freed upfor the expansionary purposes. The firm should also embrace thesocial media to carry out surveys on the products from the customersinstead of commissioning interviews that are expensive to carry out.To that effect, greater digital presence is encouraged to the firm’smanagement.

Thespectrum utilization should be abolished to free up funds that can beused to drive the digital growth of the firm’stechnologicalfront. The growth in the technological front would help reach out tomore market members that would help consolidate the firms marketshare over all. Moreover, the firm’s short term strategy should bealigned appropriately to ensure long term sustainability of thebusiness. This is to be achieved through adoption of cost cuttingmeasures in addition to maintaining innovation as a key driver togrowth of the firm. Additionally, the alignment of the business shortterm strategies will ensure that the firm is able to replicate itsuccess in future. It is also important to note that the firm shouldalways align its operations to the changing demands of the market.The production processes should be revised once in a while to keep inline with the changing trends in the market. The management shouldalways consult to ensure that informed decisions are made, to ensurethat they play out to be strategic in the market. As a result, thiswill give a competitive edge to the business over its rivals in theindustry. These strategic decisions to be taken must always beevaluated to ensure that they are effectively in the channel ofdelivering success to the firm (Plunket, 2008). As a result, RogersCommunication is expected to keep abreast with market trends toensure that the business maintains its competitive advantages overrivals. To cap it all, all cost ineffective procedures should beabolished by Roger communication to ensure continuous sustainablegrowth in the books of the firm.


Variousbusiness set ups require different generic strategies to increasetheir profitability. Product differentiation strategy would beadvocated to the Rogers communication firm. The firm should be ableto provide tailor made solutions to its clients that give it an upperhand in the market. This strategy if well implemented could enablethe firm raise it revenue several folds since they are few competingfirms using the same strategy in the market. The strategy is well inline with the firm’s core values that promote innovation andtechnological advancement (Singhai, 2006).&nbsp. The genericstrategy will enable the firm to meet it customer’s idealspecifications for products and services. Moreover, the business mayadopt strategy to customize products for the high end segmentclients. As a result, the business will be able leverage on that andraise cash inflows in to the business. The inflows can be used toraise the productioncapacities of its various diversified productslines in the market. This will again improve the positive reputationof the firm to the surrounding community through provision ofemployment opportunities due to expansion.

Theanalysis of firm’s strategic direction

Inthe following part we seek to analyze the ways available for RogersCommunication to realize the generic strategy recommended for thelong term profitability and sustainability of the firm. The variousfactors are as outlined below

  1. Technological Leadership

Thefirm requires having the highest level of technologically informedpersons that will help drive the agenda of going the way of productdifferentiation (Conklin, 2010). The product differentiationinvolving technological products require the concerned parties tokeep up to date with the current trends in addition to encouraginginnovation among team members. The innovation driven team will beable to give customers customized services that will help raise thefirms market rating due to improved services. Additionally, thefirm’s reputation will rise increasing the client’s traffic flowto the collection points of the firm’s products.

  1. Providing full range of services

Giventhe fact that they are few firm that can offer the full range ofservices offered by the wireless communication firm. I t is incumbentupon the Roger communication program managers to come up with oneproduct that cater for the full range of the services required by thecustomers in the market. Through provision of such a service the firmwill have been able to cramp most the Canadian nationals to theirbasket of customers that help boost the business (Singhai, 2006).&nbsp. The firm should ensure that it offers a one stop shop foreverything in its full range of services required by the clients.Additionally, highly qualified employees should be brought on boardto help increase the customer satisfaction.

c)Superior services

Thefirm’s management must ensure that the customers are given qualityservices. The services should match the cost paid .The clients shouldfeel that they have value for their money .They should not feeloppressed by the management by being charged exploitative chargesthat fail to match the prices paid. The firm must also ensure thatthe employees assigned the job are fully qualified and have thecapability to handle client full range of requirements. Superiorservice quality is demanded to ensure that customer retention ishigh. This is informed by the point that the high end clients arehigh spender and retaining them would mean constant cash flow for thebusiness in full. The services offered should be of unmatched qualitycompared to rivals. This should be the competitive edge to thebusiness. The superior service provided to clients should be enoughreason to enable the clients comes back to the business to get thesame services. The products should also deliver customer satisfactionthat is unmatched by the rivals ensuring sustained growth over thetime.

  1. Service Reliability

Thefirm should provide reliable service to the clients. In lesscompetitive market they have always been a tendency by firm to offerpoor services to customer despite them paying for premium services.This is one area that the team implementing the long term visionrequires to integrate into their plans. This will ensure that thecustomer’s feel valued in addition to being given value for theirmoney (Conklin, 2010). The wireless product service should beunmatched in the market to ensure that the brand name grows in themarket and customer confidence won over. Furthermore, this willattract more clients to the firm given that many persons willunderstand that the product quality is the best in the market. Thiswill in turn boost the revenue growth and expansionary plans of thefirm. Additionally, the firm will be able to consolidate its marketshare to the benefit of its shareholders that require a return fortheir investments.

  1. Reputation

Thereputational risk to the firm must be factored in by the managementof the firm to ensure that they offer quality services that upholdthe reputation of the firm. Additionally, the team would be entrustedwith the role of ensuring that the existing reputation of the firm isupheld and even made better. The services offered should serve toimprove the marketability of the firm (Conklin, 2010). At no singlepoint should the firm’s reputation be put at risk by the employeesor any member of the management. The team member should be encouragedto be highly protective of the firm’s name to ensure that, thereputation serves to improve the marketability of the firm to thepotential investors and clients. Additionally, the firm should alsoincrease its presence in community biding programs with other membersof society .The firm should ensure that team member are involved inactivities aimed at empowering the surrounding communities.Development projects may also be launched by the firm to ensure thatthe firm is fully embraced by community and they highly hold andregard the firm.


Thedifferentiation strategy is highly advocated to theRogerCommunications as it has emerged to be a viable strategy to therealization of the long term objectives of the firm (Singhai,2006).&nbsp..The differentiation strategy if well implemented hasshown that huge opportunities exist that would drive the company’srevenues up maintaining its position as the market leader.Additionally, the strategy squarely fits as a long term strategy tothe ideologies of profit growth by the firm’s management (Conklin,2010).&nbsp. The strategy offers the firm a platform to leverage onits existing core values to drive the business. Ideally, innovationis aimed to be the key driver in approaching the market. It isexpected that innovation will enhance responsiveness to customers’demand that require urgent solution. The innovative employees thatare highly skilled are expected to give timely solutions to most ofthe problem that customers raise. Moreover, they should be able togive fully reliable services to the customers. This should in ternensure that the clients keep on visiting the business. The servicesoffered must also match superior quality that is non-rivaled in themarket by other service providers. This should be able to maintainthe business running smoothly and ultimately having a positiverevenue growth trajectory in the long run .Finally, the firm’smanagement should remember to give a well guided leadership to theteam. This will ensure all team members are pulling toward samedirection and that the firm’s long term decision is well enshrinedin their individual thoughts. The management should be able to hammerthe sense of ownership among the staff to ensure that give their bestto the interest of the firm.


Themain areas of interest that Rogers Communication has interest arewires communications, internet connectivity, and telephony.Additionally, the firm also has interest in cable television. Thefirm has been having an easy ride in the market due to its status asthe market leader. However due to changing economic times the firmhas faced a number of threats and it is required to redefine itsstrategy action in the market. Among the challenges the firm has beenfacing include the failure to offer unlimited services to itsclients. This is a threat to its market share and the firm isrequired to change it strategy to avoid being overtaken in themarket. The firm is banking on innovation to have future growth inaddition to able leadership provided to the team players.


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