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TheRelationship between Spanish and Italian Dialects

Lackof communication due to language barrier can be very stressful,especially where one is in a foreign country. Even if you need help,you might not get any even from very genuine people. In thisscenario, the American had the advantage of knowing Spanish that isclosely related to Italian. This essay will discuss the differencebetween the two dialects and how the American was able to communicatewith the Italian.

Bothof these languages are of Latin origin, which explains the similarityin both. It is notable from the scenario that the driver of the truckdid not even realize that the American was speaking Spanish, butinstead thought that it was another Italian dialect. The mutualintelligibility between the two languages is high that explains thereason most people think that they sound and look similar.

Butjust how much is the similarity? From the scenario, you can tell onthe face of it that there are some differences. The fact that theItalian thought that it was another dialect of Italian is proof thatthey are not similar. There are differences in the grammaticalfeatures between the two. The pronunciation, vocabulary and spellingbetween the two in most cases are different. For example, Italian hassome pronominal articles such as ve, vi, ci, ne and ce which are notin the Spanish language.

Thetwo dialects are not as similar as they are said to be. What happensis that they are just close such that if you know one, you can easilylearn the other. The lexical similarity that is about 82% is thereason the American and the Italian could clearly understand eachother.