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Weekthree discussions were based on family interdependence. In allfamilies, there is interdependence among the members of the family.Everybody needs the love of a family. Being away from your family canbe devastating especially when someone was attached to their familymembers. My group members agree that it is not possible for familymembers not to depend on one another. In a family, one feels comfortand total love. Below is a summary of these discussions as well as myview on the same.

Whenin a family, one gets emotional support in the instance of a parentand child and financial support in the case of child to parent oraged parent to child. The level of dependency is not the same in allfamilies. There are those families that children are entirelydependent on their parents for financial support. In others, itdepends on the financial state that the child is. if they cancomfortably support themselves, then their parents don’t have tocater for all their financial needs. In my opinion, if a child can atleast take care of some of their bills while in college, they shoulddo so. This will make them responsible just as Wenner Elizabeth saidthat children should also learn how to work hard.

Inmy case, I feel that I will need my parents and siblings mostly foremotional support. When I fall sick and they are there for me, I feelbetter through it all. For now, I cannot take care of all my billsand in this case, my parents support me. When my parents grow old, Iwill support them financially and emotionally. In this case I agreethat family interdependency is inevitable.

Keyinsights from the discussions

Fromthe discussions in my group, there are those issues that cut acrossevery member’s statement. I shall discuss some of them below.

Allmembers agree with the family system theory on familyinterdependence. From their statements, no person can live entirelywithout depending on the other members of the family.

Anothernotable aspect is that there are those persons in the family that onefeels more close to when it comes to different matters. For example,most people opt to consult their siblings on matters affecting theirpersonal life and their parents when it comes to non-personal issueslike finances.

Theother important aspect that came out in the discussions is that thelevel of dependency is not constant, and it changes as one advance inage. By this I mean that the way a child depends on the parents orolder siblings when they are young, changes once they grow older.When one can comfortably look after themselves, they do not look upontheir parents like they used to do before. When people grow older,they also acquire families and children that look up to them.

Italso comes out that dependency is a give and take relationship. Achild supports their parents emotionally, and the parents give theirchildren emotional as well as financial support. Each member of thefamily has a role to play in the family unit. Parents look after achild when they are young, but when the parents grow older, theparents take care of them. This treatment contributes toward thefamily happiness.


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