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EconomicsMy Study Field

Educationacts as an eye opener in life. In school various subjects are offeredto the students. Chiefly among them is economics. Economics is thefield of study whereby students study on how to utilize the scarceresources to meet the unlimited human wants. The economics knowledgeis paramount to survival in addition to utilization of the scarcehuman resources to cater for the human wants. In relation to thiseconomics knowledge I have endeared to acquit myself with it, with aview of becoming a policy maker in future. This will enable me to getto the position of power whereby I can influence the patterns indecision making process. Furthermore, I can contribute to the welfareimprovement in the society by making informed and intelligentdecision concerning wealth distribution. That apart, I would like toenumerate how I envision using my educational goals and expectationsof applying economy program to the consumer benefits. All aimed atimproving the living standards.

Tobegin with, I envision using the economic knowledge am gaining inschool to further my academics at higher levels. This will enable meto get to positions that I can influence the decision makingapparatus in the country to ensure that we achieve equitabledistribution of resource in the country. This will ensure that weachieve equitable distribution of resources across the country. Thiswill ensure that the gap between the rich and the poor is drasticallyreduced and even distribution of resources achieved. Moreover, once Ihave further my studies it give an opportunity to interact with thepolicy makers that influence the direction the economy is headedthrough setting of fiscal and monetary policies in the country. Toensure that I benefit all regions in the economy I will fight forequitable distribution of resources across all regions to ensure thatthat disparity in living standards is low .This allows for all thechildren to get access to quality education. Additionally, thecommunity’s social amenities are equally taken care of. This willbe achieved through a proposal to increase the taxes taxed on wealthyindividuals and high net worth companies to cater for the requiredresources to develop the country.

Secondly,I would like to further my economics field knowledge through academicprograms to be able to impart knowledge to the rest of the members inthe society. This will be achieved through organizing educationalforums in suburbs. Additionally I will be visiting various forumswith aim of imparting economic knowledge and skills to theparticipants. This lead to development of a better informed societythat is based fundamental principles guiding economic thinking. Thiswill enable the consumers to enhance their rational thinking in theusage of resources. Additionally, the country economic resources willbe put to better use given we have a better informed populace. Thiswill lead to a greater of acceptance of government projects thatpreviously did not make sense to the common citizenry. However,government projects and policies that fail to demonstrate economicrelevance will be met by equal levels of resistance. This is due tothe reason that the citizenry and the consumers are better informedof their obligations. This will lead to spurred growth f the economygiven the objective reasoning developed across the states. Moreover,I will partner with other community based organizations, civilsociety and fellow scholars to increase financial literacy in thecountry.

Theother important thing I would like to understand is the interactionbetween the inflation and unemployment at a deeper level. I wouldlike to participate in the efforts to curb unemployment across theworld. This would include striking a balance between the levelsinflation due to capital injection into the economy against rise inthe level of living across the economies. I would like to contributeto the development of a framework whereby unemployment will be foughtsuccessful while at the same time maintaining the delicate trade offwith inflation rates. This will enable me to participate in eliminateone of the world’s upcoming tragedies that are causing rise inlevels of crime. Considering that my fellow youth are the major groupthat is being inflicted by this I would like to help them get out ofthis. This will lead to reduction in juvenile crime in the society.The achievement of such frameworks and programs demand that is shouldacquire all the requisite knowledge in the economics field.Furthermore, I will be able to understand all the previously proposedmodels and be able to point out the shortcoming that made them lesssuccessful. This will enable me to build on their strengths andimprove on their weaknesses with an aim of achieving better results.This will enable to leave a legacy in society through making apositive on the world economy as a whole. Additionally, I would liketo participate in other brainstorming session with other scholars toexchange ideas on how to solve various challenges afflictingdifferent world economies to achieve the desired results.

Inconclusion, I would like to recognize the fact that economicsknowledge is fundamental to realization of the full being. This isgiven the immense opportunities it presents the individual that fullypursuing it.