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ArticleSummary: Orange Crush

InOrange Crush Yuyin Li gives a vivid account of her adoration of theOrange powder that looked more classy and tasty than the orange peelsthat her father used to prepare for them in China. At a tender age Licould not understand why her father insisted on preparing a tastelessdrink that made her feel embarrassed since all the other childrenwere using colorful flavored fruit drinks. As a young teenager theclassy fruit treasure caught the attention of Li, since it proved tobe everything that the bitter drink prepared by his father wasn’t(Li 161). Li is impressed by the television advert that depicts ahappy family that appeared wealthy and healthy. Unlike many of theparents she came across on her way to school, the parents on theadvert looked trendy and concerned about the welfare of theirchildren. Li felt in love with the fruit treasure immediately, andsought for someone who could buy her one. Li viewed fruit treasure asa revolutionary drink that represented the western luxury, an aspectthat was appealing to most Chinese people since China was graduallyembracing Western living style (Li 161).

Eventhough Tang was worth a month’s lunchtime money, it immediatelybecame the most sought after drink in China. Everything about tangwas admired, starting from the glass container, the tang bottle, tangtaste and style. Li father resistant to adopt what she felt was anavant-garde drink threw her into a melancholy quagmire. Her agony wasaggravated by the fact that her neighbor’s son could manage to buytang to her girlfriend but her father still felt it was a waste ofmoney (Li 162). Such events filled Li with jealousy and envy to thepoint that she dreamed of snatching away someone else boyfriend.After Li tried the Tang, she realized it didn’t taste like naturalorange but still it was way better than the drink primed by herfather. The notion that NASA astronauts used the same drinkreinforced LI’s belief that Tang was modern, classy drinks thatsymbolized modernity, good life and trend. Unfortunately, this seemedto support her father’s position that Tang was made of harmfulchemicals (Li 162).

Itwas not before she listened to a conversation between the neighbor’sboy mother who bought her girlfriend Tang, that she changed herdesire and perception about Fruit Treasure. Li realized that youngmen who appeared different from her father and opted to buy tang werejust doing it to impress their girlfriend and would soon crawl backto boiling orange peels (Li 164). Li also realized that she waspegging her dreams on the wrong premise, what appeared like a classyhealthy drink, and that she would only be disappointed in future whenher boyfriend would turn to be like her father. After moving toAmerican she was surprised to discover that Tang was a name of agrocery store, was not expensive as she had thought while in Chinaand was not even stylish. Li finds it unbelievable that she hadhinged all future dreams on a simple beverage , and would later goher father’s style and boil orange peel for her children wheneverthey suffered from cold, just like the one her father prepared forthem.