Sunny Juice Company Case


SunnyJuice Company Case

SunnyJuice Company Case

A.Business foundation

a)The business pioneers

b)Establishment challenges the pioneers faced

c)Strategies that led to the business turnaround

d)The initial staffing approach

c)The expansion plan leading to business franchising

d)Product development and increasing varieties

e)Marketing strategies applied in SJC

B.SJC management strategies

a)Rapid business growth from effective management plans

b)Maintaining quality of food and services

c)Founders are undergoing life changes

d)New managers required to control business development

C.SJC management restructuring challenges

a)Employees indiscipline

b)Inefficient grassroots management

d)Outlet managers and staff lack motivation

e)Poor services to customers due to poor staff supervision

D.Management challenges

a) Outlet managers lack motivation and support from top managers

b)High outlet manager turnover due to bad working conditions

c)Poor remuneration and bonuses for the staff

d)Senior managers give partial favors such as high remuneration andbonus packages to some employees

E.Major management issues at SJC

a)Goal setting and evaluation issues

b)Remuneration and bonus disbursement approach

c)General Manager responsibilities

d) Work environment appeal

e)Employee/ customer safety and health protection

f)Lack of essential business management policies

H.The SJC management Resolution

a)HRM consultant evaluation