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Diningis a social ritual as it involves bringing people together to share acommon meal. It is not limited to family boundaries as it can includepeople from different cultural backgrounds. According to Mary Douglasa proper meal is one that has a set of foodstuffs, drinks and tocompliment that it should be able to bring people together to partakeit. Thus dining directly relates to her sentiments as it includesthat social aspect of converging people together to share a meal.

Mcdonaldisationis basically the process of replacing logical rules with illogicalones, in essence it is rationalization. Resistance concerning thisaspect ranges from the question of the nutritional value of the foodoffered in these outlets to its commitment in promoting socialvalues. It is argued that McDonalds outlets specialize in offering‘junk foods’ which are mainly composed of fats ,sugar andchemical additives which pose a risk of consumers contractingdiseases such as cancer and heart related complications. Again theseoutlets undermine social values as they do not encourage socialeating since they are basically one stop joints that customers spendless than ten minutes for their meals (Giddens, 2009).

Carculture is the evolution of cars from simple toys to the currentexotic machines that have been incorporated to every aspect of humanlives. Cars are an extension of oneself as they enjoy almost all theprivileges that an individual enjoy, for instance they are beeninsured, have a designated parking bay, being serviced and maintainedregularly etc. They denote identity as the car one drives identifieshim/her with a certain social class.

Ahouse is a structure or building and on the other hand a home is aplace where one lives and it gives him/her a sense of belonging. Someof the common home activities include washing utensils, cleaning thehouse, gardening among others. These activities are significant asthey are distinguishing factors between homes. They give homesidentity as they are performed differently in across homes. A nationis described as a geographical setting that certain individualsliveand associate themselves with it. It can become homely byproviding an enabling environment that ensures peaceful existence ofits inhabitants (Giddens, 2009).


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