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Theboard of directors should go ahead and establish the home healthagency in the community. Going by the statistics from the ground thecommunity is prone to a perennial epidemic of child related diseasessuch as polio and measles. So as to effectively administervaccination to kick out those diseases from the region, a home healthfacility is crucial to enable ready accessibility to quality healthcare services for the local people.

Interms of demographics the community is densely populated thusexerting pressure on the available health care amenities in thecommunity .Thus establishment of the home health facility will be anoble idea to offer an alternative to those seeking medical serviceshence balancing the resources among the population(Shi, L., &ampSingh, D. A. 2012).

Thehealth facilities that are already established within the communitydo offer only basic medical services such as diagnosis and treatmentof common diseases only. This provides an ideal niche for home healthagency to come up with all-inclusive specialized medical servicesthat cut across all aspects of health.

Homehealth agency should offer specialized medical services that includeboth inpatient and outpatient services. Clinics such as dentistry,optical,physiotherapy and ante natal should be established. Theventure may be quite expensive to roll out but despite the highfinancial capital required it is a worth undertaking.


Havingconducted a thorough research on the issue of relocating thecontinuing care retirement community I met the rest of the boardmembers I shared with them my insights concerning the same andadvised them to relocate the scheme to an urban setting so as toenable it to grow and be more financially viable. This is due to thefact that in an urban setting the scheme will be at a prime positionto attract more clientele for its services as in the urban settingthere is a demographic advantage given the large population in thoseareas. Again it is common that people who reside in urban areas aremore financially stable as compared to their counterparts in theremote areas. This will be a positive factor as it will enhanceequity growth of the scheme over the years (Shi, L., &amp Singh, D.A. 2012).


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