Team Leadership



TeamLeadership Requirements

Leadershipinvolves influencing the behavior of individuals and groups towardsthe achievement of team or organizational goals. Formation,management and leadership of teams are one of the most significantleadership platforms that promote leadership influence in anorganization. Therefore, leading teams require unique leadershiprequirements in terms of knowledge, skills and communication. This isbecause teams form important aspects of the organization’sachievements since their goals are part of the larger organizationalgoals (Nahavandi, 2014). Therefore, ability to plan and set teamgoals based on the organizational goals is a key requirement forleading teams.

Oneof the unique requirements is an excellent understanding of theorganizational goals and mission. This will allow leaders totranslate these goals and missions into group targets that form thebasis of interaction between group members. Through the translationof the goals into team goals, each of the units of an organizationwill be part of the organization by achieving its own goals.Therefore, leading of teams requires excellent management skills ofdelegation. This should be coupled with the willingness of leaders todelegate their authority, work and responsibilities allow teams toexperience autonomy in their functions.

Leadingof the team also requires knowledge of human dynamics andunderstanding of the diversities that each team member presents in ateam. According to Nahavandi (2014), it is through the understandingof the unique characteristics of a team and its members that leadersfind it able to influence them for the achievement of team goals.Through such understanding, a leader will be able to allocate tasksto team members based on the expertise and skills of each member.Moreover, the ability to manage the team members amid their diverseskills and perspective is important for the effective leadership ofteams in an organization.


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