Technology Dependence A case of Losing My Phone

TechnologyDependence: A case of Losing My Phone

Technologyhas gradually substituted some of our human relations and replaced itwith a robotic relationship. Turkle(1) argues that technology is particularly seductive when it offersservices that meet our human vulnerabilities. In this regard,technology has perfectly met my vulnerability of replacing my friendswith the phone and social media. Last month, I lost my phone and didnot replace it until four days after. The four days were some of mymost boring days of this year. I felt out of the loop about what washappening around me. Moreover, I felt disconnected from the worlddespite having my family, friends and colleagues all around me.

Accordingto Turkle (8), some people would trade their friends and lovers forrobots. In my case, I realized that I had lived my social life bysubstituting my family, friends and colleagues with my phone. Thisexplains why I felt anxious and frustrated for the four days. I feltthat I did not have a connection to my friends and colleagues despitemeeting them daily. This feeling proved the argument by Turkle thatthe phone is oneof the main elements of our reliance on technology and social media.

Forthe four days, I felt like I had lost a very important partner thephone which is understandably the sociable robot as argued by Turkle.Moreover,I experienced what Turkleexplains to be a substitution of the face-to-face connection with theonline connection. According to Turkle (13), technology simplifiesour communication by making easy to talk at will and disengagesocially when we wish. This is the reason why I felt disengaged fromsocial media and mobile communication when I had lost my phone.Through the experience, I understood the real impact of technologyand social media on our social life.


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