Terrorist Groups




Al-Qaedavs. Ku Klux Klan

Theal-Qaeda group is a global terrorist group in the Islamic country,Afghanistan. Osama bin Laden is the world-known founder of theterrorist group. The group’s origin traces back to 1988 to date.The title, Al-Qaeda, means ‘The Base.` The group operates a globalnetwork through affiliates in other Islamic-based countries asSomalia in Africa. The group financially facilitates its affiliatesall over dubbing Al-Qaeda as one of the richest terrorist groups inthe world. The Ku Klux Klan group is a cohesion of three movements inthe United States. The domestic terrorist group, commonly known byits initials, The KKK, was in operation through the years, 1865 todate (Hewitt2003).The KKK is a domestic group because it focuses its operation in theUnited States only. The group combines three successions over theages to date. The first was during 1865 to 1874. The second picks upfrom 1915 to 1944. The third and current succession has been inoperation since 1970 to date. Over time, the group advances itsoperation to a much more secretive and networked operation with evensome government officials as members (Ward2011).The script focuses on domestic and global terrorist groups’motives, their similarities, and differences between and threat theypose, with AL-Qaeda and the KKK as case studies.

Thetwo groups have different motives that drive their activities. TheAl-Qaeda group started with a religious motive. The group aimed atrestoring Islam religion to their people and later grew to enforcingIslam in leadership and the law. The unique aspect in the group isthe allegiance to their people, Muslims. The group can only attacknon-Muslim nations. The Al-Qaeda group resembles the domesticterrorist group in some aspects as allegiance to their people as partof their root courses (Ward2011).The KKK group advocate for the white race in harsh statements andattacks against the black American citizens. Initially, the group hada single goal. However, over the years their motive made politicaland religious developments leading to current accusations as cohesionwith the illuminati group.

Thesetwo groups carryout their attacks on United States but differ in themagnitude of these attacks. According to the former Americanpresident, George. W. Bush, the Al-Qaeda group is responsible for theSeptember 11 attacks. The Al-Qaeda group had it underway to hijackfour American planes and carry out a suicidal attempt. The WorldTrade Center (WTC)was a target of two planes, and the rest aimed forthe Pentagon and Washington DC. The four buildings are America’soperation base. Three of the attempts were successful leaving a deathtoll of over 400 American citizens. The KKK group is responsible forkilling of African American individuals to express what the standfor. One of the numerous KKK convictions the government pins on themis the firebombing of Dahmer Vernon, the leader of the NationalAssociation of the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) in 1966. Thegroup, currently, has improved operations that still oppose the riseof the black power among the white people despite their citizenship.The two groups only differ in the magnitude of their attacks andwealth as well as their separate motives (Hewitt2003).

Boththe KKK and the Al-Qaeda pose a great threat to the United States’national security and stability. The federal government ought totighten national security measures to protect citizens of all racesand the nation.


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