The Eyes on the Coffee Shop


TheEyes on the Coffee Shop

TheEyes on the Coffee Shop

TheStetson University coffee shop is conspicuous as it featuresinnovative art designs tailored to suit clients from diversebackgrounds. Its design can is suitable for hosting clients intendingto have a private conversation during a coffee break, individualslooking for a friendly place to relax, and even travelers passing bythe institution. The art, design, and culture of the coffee reflectAmerican culture. As a customer walks in the shop, a sweet coffeearoma whets his or her appetite right from the doorway. The furnitureis arranged in a convenient way such that customers coming in cancomfortably enter without competing for space with the clients onexit. At the entrance, there are three traditional 1970s Moorishcrystal flowerpots placed at strategic locations in the shop. Each ofthe pots has well maintained live flowers. Immediately a customerwalks in, he or she relaxes immediately since the temperature,brightness, and color-coordination are expertly integrated to matchthe taste of every customer.

Thedecorative front door directs customers on the side to use whencoming in and exiting from the shop. The entire door is constructedfrom highly resistant seashell mirror. The seats are also spaciouslyarranged such that travelers can conveniently reach their seats withtheir bags. Since over 50% of the customers are commuters, one cansee several bags placed on the floor as he or she enters. The flooris covered with carpet that complements the décor and wall colortheme. Soft and pleasant music also entertains the customers. Theconcrete pillars are mounted with big TV screens and speakers suchthat every client can enjoy movies, sports, and live piano amongother forms of entertainment offered. On the other hand, the shop hasbig windows that allow the customers an excellent view of StetsonUniversity environment. The windows are transparent, and they have nocurtain to allow free flow of natural light. Individuals that arelooking for a location where they can have a panoramic view of theuniversity environment and natural light can seat next to the largewindows.

Theentire coffee shop room is decorated with neutral colors. The maincolors include taupe, black, brown, and stained concrete. Themanagement has also put eclectic choices of furniture styles such asantique and modern designs to suit a wide range of customers. Forexample, there are high-top stools, couches, and armchairs to matchcomfort levels for different customers. The comfort level differsfrom one type of chair to the other. In addition, the chairs arearranged differently. For instance, some are facing each other tofacilitate communal seating while others are aligned in a parallelpattern to suit individual customers. The furniture also featuresvarious color schemes such as yellow and beach purple depending onthe color painted on the wall. The coffee management has meticulouslychosen chair colors that can match with the wall decoration. Thecolor theme of Stetson University coffee brand closely resembles thatof Starbuck as it features white and green colors.

Thelighting system is composed of dim lights that are lowered from theceiling. In addition, there are other lampshades mounted on standsplaced on the floor. Crown frames that match the color scheme of theseats and ceiling respectively surround the bulbs. The lighting andcolors in the coffee are industrial and HVAC friendly. The darkcolors absorb the light, thereby making lighting inside the shopfriendly while the light outside is blinding.

Abig round clock graces the wall at the front of the shop. The clockis intended for the frequent American clients that are time-oriented.The Taro bean coffee shop offers a variety of books, dark furniture,and games that customers escaping the heat outside can enjoy. Inaddition, the chair patterns can suit communal or group seating asthey face each other. There are also televisions and base speakersfor maximum entertainment of the customers relaxing in shop. Othertheatrical items available include a piano and screens, mounted onboth walls and trunks, which are conveniently visible from everydirection in the shop.

Oncea customer takes a seat, the key supplies one requires while takingcoffee in the shop such as sugar, serviette, menu, and stirringspoons among other tools are readily available on the table. Thecoffee is served in small containers that resemble a thermos so thatthe clients can take the coffee slowly and hot. A customer can choosehis or her preferred coffee taste and make an order. The shop hasquick and polite staff that ensures to deliver the ordered productswithin a short time. In addition, the coffee staff wears distinctuniform to help new customers distinguish them from regular customerseasily.

ManyStetson University coffee shop customers are the campus’ visitorsand students. The regular coffee price is six dollars per cup, thusmaking the shop more suitable for classy clients. Nevertheless, somelocals that can afford the cost of the coffee visit the shopfrequently. The subtle chandelier lighting offers a relaxedatmosphere and suitable getaway from the bright light outside. Theroom temperature is maintained at human-friendly level using cuttingedge air-conditioning systems.