The fault in our stars summary

Thefault in our stars summary

Thebook, The fault in our stars,highlights the romantic moves of Hazel and Augustus. The book showsthe intrigues of the two lovebirds and the determinants of theirlong lasting love. The two acquaintances use their favorite book, Animperial Affliction,as a subject of their discussions. The evaluation of the book enablesthe two lovebirds to have a vacation in search of the book’sauthor. The initiative provides them an opportunity to understandtheir likes and dislikes. The acceptance of Augustus to accompanyHazel enables them to learn each other’s character. Augustus lovesHazel despite the fact that Hazel’s leg was amputated. This showsAugustus’ true love and commitment to Hazel. This notwithstanding,Augustus was psychologically, concerned that Hazel will die soon. Itis also coincidental that Hazel’s friend is also affected by cancerto an extent that he lost his eye (Green,2013, 56). The elimination of his remaining eye was done in order torelieve him of cancer. Isaac’s wife was also psychologicallyaffected by the loss of her husband’s eye. She could not put upwith a blind husband. The episode portrays Isaac’s wife asinsincere and hypocritical. Monica, Isaac’s wife is also portrayedas superficial because of her sudden rejection of her husband, Isaac.The author’s reaction to the couple never bothered them because theassistant of the author addressed them well. The death of Isaacshocks Hazel and Augustus. Moreover, Monica prepares a eulogy, whichis soothing and consoling to the parents who are grieved of the lossof their son. The author of the book wrote the book,an imperial affliction, incommemoration of her daughter’s cancerous death (Green,2013, 78). In this regard, Monica understands the psychologicaleffect Isaac’s parents have suffered.


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