The Greatest Communicator

TheGreatest Communicator

TheGreatest Communicator

Theeffectiveness of a communicator is mainly determined the capacity todeliver the intended message to the target audience in a convincingway. My union representative is one of the people who are gifted incommunicating their mind using different approaches to addressdifferent types of audience in varying contexts. I chose him as thegreatest communicator because of his ability to communicate with andmove audiences of different sizes who come from different walks oflife. For example, he has managed to use his communication skills andexperience to address the union members and apply the samecharacteristics to pass on our concerns to our employer in a crystalclear focus.

Thereare four major characteristics that make my union representativenotable as a great communicator. First, the union representative hasthe ability to read his audience and customize his speech to catchthe attention of the target audience. This is a communication skillthat lacks in many communicators, but in the union representative isable to vary the tone, passion, and language by paying attention tothe signals given by the audience. Secondly, the union representativeis always passionate about his subject of communication. According toKotrla (2013) effective communicators show their passion about theirtheme by pouring the whole of their being to the communication orpresentation. This implies that an effective communicator should onlyengage in communication or gives a presentation he is passionateabout it. The possession of this communication skill has allowed theunion representative to distinguish the messages to be given inspeeches and the ones to be issued in memos. Third, the unionrepresentative applies illustrations in a very effective way, whichmakes him move the audience and attract its attention. Lastly, theunion representative has the ability to call his audience to action.He achieves this by giving the audience obtainable and tangible nextgoals and steps. For example, he tells the audience how to respondand informs the union about the next course of action.

Theunion representative has greatly impacted my life and the lives of myfellow union members. Through his effective communication, the unionrepresentative has successfully informed all members about theirrights. For example, as an informative communicator, he informs theunion members that their rights go beyond compensation and we shouldalso have the right to make our positive contribution towards thegoals of our employer organization. In addition, the unionrepresentative has also managed to change the mode of fighting forthe rights of the union members. For example, a change from the useof strikes to successful use of diplomatic dialogue to fight for ourrights have confirmed to the union members that communication is aneffective tool in our career lives.

Thereare three major lessons learnt about useful communication from theunion representative. First, useful communication leads to effectivedelivery of the message to the target audience, which in turn helpsthe audience to understand the message as intended by thecommunicator. This ensures that the parties to a given communicationunderstand the subject in the same sense. In addition, usefulcommunication reduces the need for the use of force to airgrievances. For example, the capacity of the union representative tocommunicate effectively has reduced the need for the use of strikesto inform the employer about the rights of the union members.


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