The Healthy Balance of Mind and Body


TheHealthy Balance of Mind and Body

TheHealthy Balance of Mind and Body


Selectinga team to share their interests is a great value to the learners indifferent ways. Firstly, the learner is able to share knowledge andideas on their interested subjects. As such, they gain the freedom ofexplaining their own ideas while expressing their feelings innon-threatening environment. Additionally, the teamwork is beneficialto learners since they interact with their colleagues freely and canask any question for clarification, which may help in improving theirknowledge. The learners benefit from teamwork by reflecting on groupactivities that encourages or motivates other members to participate.


Thetopic supports the focus on promoting and maintaining good health bygiving the participants a chance to give their ideologies on how toimprove health. Every person provides his or her ideologies, whichbecomes beneficial to the audience. It also provides an environmentof discussing the critical health issues in order to find thesolutions to the wellness and health of an individual.

Inthe chapter, the participants become active learners from passivelisteners since they are fully involved in contributing ideas toother team members. They become active learners since they act asconsultative or brainstorming meetings in order to come up with acommon solution to health issues. Therefore, every person is fullyinvolved in finding the solution by contributing individual ideasmaking everyone to understand.


Thesix health elements highlighted in the activity include social,emotional, mental or intellectual, physical, and environmental


Healthcare personnel are perceived as coaches for improved health andwellness. The subjected activity supports such efforts by using theteam leaders as the health care personnel. The team members areillustrated as patients and the discussion includes how to improvetheir health. Similar to the contest, the health personnel acts as acoach to make sure the patients gain their good health and wellness.


TheMaslow’s hierarchy of needs is important in the subjected topicsince it guides all participants to find the solutions of the mostimportant health issues (Bastable,2006).For example, one needs to find the cure of critical illness beforeconsidering the improvement of diet of a person.


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